Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Let s rub off everything...

thank you for the bad streamyx connection that i had last nite, tarik selimut lagi sedap!

thank you for my left lens, rasa aku nak cabut jer but kang aku nampak korang aku ingat lalat lak

thanks for making my day everyone, wt hundreds of comments

thanks for the smses, the emails - since i m having stupid bad connection to access my yahoo mail from home, i will try to reply it asap, once it s up (sirman hav u dealed this wt the bugger TM?)

lastly - thanks for my super duper VVIP informer, i can buy the VVIP a lunch but the information that comes to me, is so MALATOPS!!!

i can now rest in peace, i m watching, im building up my wall and i m smiling to the lalat wt one look 'your secret will be out bit by bit...heheheheeheh'

and to everyone, dont expect to get the photos from here, this blog is a red diva's blog, blog ni sangat wangi, i m not going to put anything to fulfill yr needs, but .... there s always a but... :)

i want to remain silence and keep watching the stupid actions of the lalat...

You have an appointment tomorrow wt the Ber
sama Mak Merah, pls drop your problems to alompakagogo@yahoo.com , the readers will help u to listen, to read and to solve it...not me.

wow my frens have something that i dont have!!!


babyarisha said...

told ya'
xyh upload pic lalat tuh lam blog ko..wat nyemak jerk..sakit plak mata nie tgk pic lalat lam blog lily..
i dh sembur perfume 1botol u~~
nk kasi ilang bau busukk..
sembur ridsect pung lalat tuh xmati..pala jerk ting tong sket.
luv u lah kak..
build up d wall..jgn kasi sapa2 rempuh..dia lalat bukan todak!! xmati ah klu kna attack gn dia..
1 more..keep it slow n steady, kekadang org nie suke tgk kita gelabah, sj nk kasi goyang jiwa..
real-X ok!! u rock ah sis

Jie said...

slmt pagi kak red....

tido lagi baik kan...hujan² tu..peluk bantal interaktif!

The Pisces Man said...

Eh Kak Red, I nak gambo lalat tu, buleh tak....?

Anyway, gambo Kak Red dgn ur hubby (yg ur hubby dok tunjuk jari tu lah), muka Kak Red cam model laa.. Fullamak, cung..lah Kak Red time marah...ops, ni bukan ngorat ok! Hahahaa..

Anonymous said...

kak red...

smlm pon kita tido gak..
mmg harus lah time2 ujan
dulikkan lalats tuh..

Naddie said...

Kak Red,

This was the same bitch eh? Gosh! Tak serik2 ni? I tght she backed off? Hmm.. not that easy eh?

Post lah sis pic dia. I wanna see!! LOL.

Of all men, u take Kak Red's hubby ...? Alahai.. Digging ur own grave lahhhh yeeeek. Nyahaha!!

PS: U both look hawt!Aouuu!!

Lily.Lulu. said...

suke plak kite tengok gambo candid tuh .. senyum gelak2 ye kak :)