Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The BMM and the WAU

x de maknanya aku nak sauk laptops tu. one is sirman nya, 2 lagi are anak hekan ni nyer. He was actually asking for some helps on his 2 laptops kat sirman. ko jgn memain, sampai 2 kulu kilir bwk tuh! bukan aku yg bedek pun, sirman yg godek segala, as usual..hehehehhehe

just a reminder on a program of Bersama Mak Merah...and oso I m announcing a new program nxt week too which is called WAU (details later lah).

Starting next week, Bersama Mak Merah (BMM) will be on air every Tuesdays while the new program (WAU) will be posting lak every Thursdays.

Utk BMM minggu ini, I hope you can send the emails into my inbox
alompakagogo@yahoo.com before Wednesday 1am mlm kang.

Utk BMM nxt week, emails need to be sent before 1am Tuesday morning tu lah ye, so siang Tuesday tu dah leh post terus. The WAU program will be placed on thursday, nnti lah i put in the announcement log. paham x nih?

Sirman dah sent my cpu to the hospital already, and it should be ready anytime la today. I hope to blog back from my own pc, i just dont like to use his notebook ni lah. It s totally not my taste. some more, my fav segala mak nenek files are all in my own pc. boghing aaa!

well - i know some of my readers are from klcc, not just that, few are my officemates n i even caught one of them giving one bad comment here, she or he - x yah la kita sebut namanya realize that yr fingers tu nanti pandai2lah jawab kat 'sana' ye. we are heading a fasting month, i probably take out the moderation comments, to see how behave my readers are ...insyallah, one day. but, setelah 2 ramadhan berlalu, i dont see the difference yet, the evil is in the prison but the ajaran2 evil tu ada je org2 dia amalkan still.

i love these 2 photos, it looks like we are so diva so the popular sampai paparazzi ngamik gambo cam nak rak. why not?


Nono said...

People don't like you just because they wanna be like you. Happy Ramadhan. God bless.

Equilibrium said...


ok x i kalu i komen cenggini? ok kot...x nyakitkan ati sesapa kan.
n sesuai utk bulan yg mulia ni...

akaaaaaakkkk...nak makan!lapo

Red Mummy said...

everyone has their own characters, if u dont like me, so pls get yr anak or get anak angkat and train them to be like me, haiyah!@!!

eq - i love u so u sadap. sahur makan apa ko ?

babyarisha said...

pic kuor dr tgif tuh cung wo..cm kt chinatown.very d red kan?
told ya'..bior ape org nk kata kita janji kita n family kita tau sapa kita..huhu..lantok kn dema..

Lily.Lulu. said...

dah memang tugas paparazi mcm tuh kan .. haruslah mummy ku kena terjah !!!


ai lap u oso mummy

Red Mummy said...

aku kan

nak ckp apa td haa

dah lupa laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ReDbLoOdSnOw said...

eh kak, sure dak2 opis yg give some bad komen kat blogs akak neh, mesti dorg anti akak kan...kasi seypak jek og2 camgini...ekekeke

selamat berpose....