Thursday, November 30, 2006


kalah la dik, dapat no 2 je overall for team akak. jadi lah dari tercorot. it was last sat's event kat sunway pyramid. nengok gambo je leh x? malas nak ceghita, kot2 ada anak2 dara or orang bujang lam ni yang berkenan di ati korang.

2 dara bersama mak dara..but i think that mak dara look like the anak dara as well kan? kannnnnnnnn???

the singles wt the mak dara....cakap lah anak dara tak mak dara ni???

sometimes, we do have to perasan to have the look and the style like anak dara but on top of it, kita tetap berpijak di bumi nyata yang after all, kita adalah seorang ibu dan isteri....

and im proud to say that im a mom of 2 kids and a wife to my beloved husband.


akak akan berpergi-pergian...akan akan sepi dari dunia Red Mummy for sehari 2, kita ketemu lagi wt lots and junks stories!

rindu-rindukan kak red nanti ye?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


akak suka buat kowang surprise kan?

akak suka usik2 kan?

meh lah kita cuit-cuit sket....

that photo was actually one from the 4 pcs that i just received recently from Mar, my son's godmother. photos ni lama nya event, july this year, a get together dinner in one of the club kat Bangsar for Kak Red's birthday. and the red dress is Sabrina, Mar's cousin also my buddy.

i purposely not wearing red on my birthday dinner but i know i look pretty fat and ugly in those photos!!

yucksss... kan kita main usik2? hik hik hik.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Red Kebaya...

adakah kerana akak telah menjadi sebegini menyebabkan sirman memesongkan nalurinya ke lain??? tidak voguekah kebaya akak yang dinukilankan shah hingga terjadinya entry Red Couples??

ni semua kerana kamu, hasilnya hancur!!!

nantikan sambungan episode sorotan liku2 Red Couples dan Kak Red esok hari..

tapi kan kowang rasa, am i look too old wt the red kebaya??

Red couples???

akak nak tanya ni kowang kena jawab kat comments board akak tu yeah. serious talk now!

i was looking through someone's mobile, and i found this photo. at first i tot it s an official photo but after making some investigations, it s totally not!!!

i have not asking that someone's yet bout the photo but i need you to answer me honestly, this photo will tell you about what???

1. a social meeting?

2. a red together's meeting?

3. an affair behind the scene?

by the way, that someone is my laki!!!

so u tell me now....what s the meaning of the photo???

grrrr grrrrr....

Sunday, November 26, 2006


dont blame me, blame NTV7!!!

my show was supposed to be today but i donno why the hell jadi episode orang lain lak.

so seriously, akak x tau bila episode akak, could be next week la kot. bape banyak episodes depa nak jumped out tunggang terbalik bagai!

jangan marah akak ek...........

yg kakornya, few sms yang akak received, most are the bloggers la, leh cakap...kak red yang menang tu ye? kak red yang baju merah tu ye....wei itu bukan episode akak lah, dah sah2 bukan akak and kowang x compare ke gambo kak red lam blog ni yang chubby ya amat ngan depa yg melidi kering tu?


Friday, November 24, 2006

Watch Kak Red!!

Again, my FF show will be on air this sunday 26th nov at 7pm via NTV7. marilah ramai2 menggelakketawakan akak ko ni ha....the shot was taken a year ago, the show was on aired last jan n ni again nak tayang balik, saje nak buat akak malu je kan gitu...

link to previous entry is
pasted here too:

For anything and everything that you'll see on your TV for a Fear Factor Malaysia Episode 9, please spare me some mercy as I didn't have a say for the chosen wardrobe, make-up nor hair-do they made me wear, wear and wear. And judging from 8 previous episodes, the stunts will seem less scary on TV as were experienced on set due to poor editing by local Fear Factor post-production team (hell yes, I'm publishing this online). So I'll blame it on them if I don't look as pretty as I know I'd be. Kindly ignore my last 7 words.

Anyway and anyhow, before you start judging me according to what you see later, here are facts that you'd like to consider:

Adidas sponsors the host, so we contestants can't wear anything non-Adidas. And we had to bring our own Adidas (if any) or nobrandatall clothes to be picked by the wardrobe coordinator. I pleaded hands and feet for her to change her mind as she asked me to wear a blue spaghetti strap over a pink swimsuit with baby grey shorts for my second stunt! I thought she was joking, but she said, "Trust me, you'll look good on tv with these combination of colours." WTF! can't you just let me wear some basic black or white or RED again at least? "No. You wanna look good on tv, you listen to me."

For every stunt, we had to wear swimsuit underneath our either Adidas or nobrandatall attire in case our stunt will involve water, which explains to why our tees look weird, not to mention ugly. Not that all of us can swim too, though. And I ve been wearing the same swimsuit for the 3 stunts too, hey, that s the only sopan suit that I ever had, remember I don't get any sponsors even from my bedmate!

They didn't touch up / refresh our make-up on the set (make-up was done at the hotel we stayed and the stunts weren't shooting for about another 5 - 10 hours later)! That explains why my wide forehead shined and sheened as if I've been dipped in minyak kelapa. Argghhhhhhh!!!

I was not happy wt the 2nd stunt.... So u will c d behave Kak Red eating the-very-yummy-goat's testicles..trying to make sure the make up n hair are not serabut by worms n pies, Take note pls, the stupid idiot dance was not meant to be on d show, it was a forced-to-be by the bloody Floor Director. So jadi, pls ignore the illusion of that 'dance' from yr mind, n can u please make sure that I get a credit more than the action that I just mentioned? Please..for God's sake!!!

The winner, Reita (a Chindian) is not a calang2 person one lar. She s a Triathlon Champion and a Finalist for the coming Explorace Season 3....., so I deserve to loose lah..but bear in mind..i kicked another 3 asses home to get into d final. And bear in mind too...i was so petite compared to Reita the winner and the others. Bear in mind the only orang tua in the Episode (Shamser the host tot im 23...aurghhhhhhhh..i like it) n finally bear in mind too, im the only mom in the episode too...and the positive is, the only mom who got into the Final!! Hoyehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

There s no point of working out hard either if you cant unlock Solex padlocks or if were chosen to perform the stunt first aka (un)Lucky number 1..hell yess the coffin water stunt-unlock unlock unlock!

...I embarrass myself on national TV

...I get calls/sms from friends who will kutuk me kau-kau

...I wish that I didn't say and do what I did during the shoot head swells at the sight of myself on the idiot coffin box

...I am featured in Malaysia's version of (badly edited) Fear Factor

...Fug, I realised that 'kak red with tummy' will be featured as well. The shame, the shame.

Damn them-locks-in-d-3rd-stunt!!! I seem to have a reason for everything (that I don't wanna believe in) don't I?It s my day, let me be.

all notes and photos were taken a year ago, so akak mmg a bit chubby and fat - jangan nak kutuk tang tu lak ye!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Bloggers Chat...

another meeting with another blogger just held last nite.

Shah is not only an active blogger but also my neighbour in VA, accompanied by Ambi (tol ke namanya ni shah??payah no aku nak ingat nama budak ni tau).

Joined together was another blogger, ashterix - also known as sirman aka akak ko ni ha punya laki!!!

sapa2 nak cucuk mencucuk, nak besarkan ke nak buat transformation idung ke pinggang ke perut ke hapa ke..silalah jumpa si pakar perubatan budak 2 orang ni. dijamin dapat kelulusan diskaun!!!

btw, shah had to open table for me, since cabaran dia utk akak kalah lam chess telah gagal. lenkali sapa nak cabar2 akak, sila read through redmummy thoroughly yeah! thanks for the treat anw bro!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

You say i issue

Yahoo Messanger chat wt my hunt's buddy:

Red Alompakagogo: ko kat ne lak ni

bang ket: kat ofc satu lagi

bang ket: nkau layan chess ke?

Red Alompakagogo: x lah

Red Alompakagogo: br nak update blog

Red Alompakagogo: br pegang pc ni

bang ket: update blog???

bang ket: cilake nkau kena kan sume org ngan anak kucing

Red Alompakagogo: kwang kwang kwanggg

bang ket: tu aku malas komen tu...

Red Alompakagogo: anto je la komen ko tu org wajib komeng

Red Alompakagogo: x wajib kalo x komeng

bang ket: hehehe ok ok ok esok komen la, apa cite arini?

Red Alompakagogo: ntah la

Red Alompakagogo: x tau nak cite apa lak

bang ket: cite la pasal gay...aku minggu ni di kejut kan oleh gay2 yg berjalan seperti lelaki biasa

Red Alompakagogo: x nak

Red Alompakagogo: cite tu sensitip

bang ket: tak ku tau lak kwn2 aku tu ada yg gay...

Red Alompakagogo: readers aku ramai gay

bang ket: ini yg normal man tp gay

Red Alompakagogo: iyee

Red Alompakagogo: ramai mmbr aku cenggitu

bang ket: siap suka bondage bgai...aku mcm nak termuntah dgr

bang ket: siap ikat2, gari2, pastu ada yg dah kawin ada nak lagi...uweekkk

bang ket: apa nak jadi derang ni...

Red Alompakagogo: yg dah cerai anak 3 pun ada

bang ket: and ada kawan pompuan aku kata, if my man cheat on me pasal pompuan ok la boleh trima, ni lelaki...bengong!!!

Red Alompakagogo: cite lah lagi

Red Alompakagogo: i might be using our conv ni but hide yr id as my entry

Red Alompakagogo: cos aku dah x de cite sgt2 ni

Red Alompakagogo: pakai cite ko je lah

bang ket: pastu kan, ada satu scenario that day, pg wedding, then suddenly mamat kawan aku tu terdiam, pastu tanya la nape, pastu dia ckp 'that guy is gay, i slept with him, and he with other more' and the girl kawan2 aku ak

bang ket: cuba nkau tanya kat entry...wht they will do???

bang ket: the untold story....

bang ket: and keep untold because the truth is very 'haru'

bang ket: this people equation ass>pussy...idiots!!!

Red Alompakagogo: siaplah jd isu beso sok ni lam entry aku

bang ket: hehehehe...bkn tu saje la, byk sebrnya in this life we prefer to 'silence' sebab tak nak org tu kecewa, but we never actually willing to be there when he/she 'kecewa', sama la, aku pung...

Red Alompakagogo: ko asal?

Red Alompakagogo: kecewa napa lak?

bang ket: ye la, mcm kes ni, aku keep silence sebab tak nak kwn aku kecewa, padahal one day nanti bile dia tau mesti dia frust, and aku tak gerenti lagi aku nak pg comfort dia...

bang ket: sama mcm aku tu = aku pun choose to keep silence
bang ket: pastu kan, dlm byk kes2 yg takde option ni, kalau kita try to be the 'hero' nanti mula la org kata poyo la, sebenarnya nak awek/ mamat tu skrg semua org tak nak jadi hero kat benda2 cemni...

bang ket: and akhirnya, semua org mengimplikasi kan 'mind my own business', kan ke haru tu...kang org sebelah kena rogol pun ingat org sebelah tgh 'kinki'...umah sebelah kena pecah pun, duk diam2 tutup grill rapat2

bang ket: kan???

bang ket: aku, setakat ni sedaya upaya tak kan 'membiarkan' kawan2 'suci' aku berkawan dng kawan2 'naga' aku, setakat tu je la yg aku mampu buat....apa aku cerita ni????

bang ket: aku tak kisah kawan2 aku minah lesbo...reason dia bukan sebab aku berangan nak 'thresome' ke apa, tapi lesbo couple wont get aids, but gay...aku terpaksa la kata kan TIDAK...

Red Alompakagogo: le camtu lak

bang ket: lesbo worst2 pun lost virginity 'technicaly', so what, bukan leh chek pun yg 'virgin' tu virgin, but ini soal KSIHATAN...DOSA cerita lain, itu account masing2

bang ket: ok gitu???

Red Alompakagogo: aku lom leh komen lagi

bang ket: so bagi aku L word=OK hahaha

Red Alompakagogo: kalo aku komen kang kita jadi pak dit ngan pak lah

bang ket: hehehhe

bang ket: quere the folk ke pa=KO

bang ket: so, where U stand on this matter???

Red Alompakagogo: cant comment yet

Red Alompakagogo: let my readers voice out first

Red Alompakagogo: but i hv lotsssssssssssss of things to say bout

Red Alompakagogo: but not now

bang ket: yeap...aku cuma meluah kan apa yg nak termuntah


as u can read, akak x bagi komen apa2 on the situation, but i open up for all of you to discuss and comments further on Bang Ket's issue.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Adoption...

the 3rd baby is not happening.

we wanted to adopt it but sirman doesnt approved it..yet

so, we will wait till he said ok, u may have it..

at the moment, we are trying very hard to convince him again.

btw...the 3rd baby is
a little kitten not a human baby !!!

ngeh ngeh ngeh...i got u!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

My 2 babies...

it s so beautiful to see the brother is helping the sister to play out the piano.

but this will really 'bang' yr heartbeat when.....!!!


as i said before here, i prove it to you the classic of my family....

abang is trying hard to checkmate gegirl, his sister for CHESS, ko berani nak challenge ngan anak2 akak??

For a game with the 5 and 2 years old of little kids...pls contact their PR Managers: Mr Daddy and Madam Mummy.......

ngeh ngeh ngeh...kiasu mom!

Friday, November 17, 2006


i know everyone wants to know what is happening to the baby that i talked bout before. since the process is still on going, the discussion is still happening and the meeting is still not solving, i would prefer to hold it off till 1,2 days.

we seem to have the answer already.....

pls hang on there...not too long.

anw, some of the photos from abang's closing day - today...

Abang wt his Principal and the Pemuda MCA

since i won for few games already, it s time for me to give full support to my best buddy, shaline, involved in scrabbles - so far dah 2 days in a row dia menang...third round will be nxt week..

and the best thing happend when i had my lunch in coffee bean wt Ash today, we saw this fellow walked in and sat next to us...

u guess??

dont u think that he looks like Mr Amitabh Bachan?

ngeh ngeh ngeh... sirman really thought that the hindi's superstar willing to hv a drink wt me!!!

When a baby needs a mother....

Sipolan: Kak Red, would you like to adopt a baby girl, age 5 months old?

Kak Red: erk.. emmm..erkkk

Sipolan: I know you a good mother, that s why i propose to you first. Would you?

Kak Red: It s glad to hear that, but i really need to sit down and discuss wt my sirman and my 2 kids as this a sistem barter, and need a cash in return?

Sipolan: No Kak Red, ..a love would be the payment for her. pls...


What say you about this?

Guess my answer to sipolan???

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Open House x sudah2....

since these open hses held on the weekdays, akak mmg x de aura nak berbaju raya langsung. so balik opis, tup tap tuko baju leisure sahajo!!!

letih lah..lately ni ujan petang2 so ko agak2 lah betapa cinta nye nak balik ngan jem2 x hingat planta tol!

silalah abihkan masa yang kowang curi dari waktu bekerja ini dengan kemalasan akak menghapdate blog dengan entry bergambo sahajo.

sekali2 akak perlu menceceh dengan penuh ilmiah dan limited supaya kowang x gelak sakan2 sangat or pening2 lalat.

akak kepenatan la lately ni, siang nanti another big day, a big open house by my dept, cadangnya utk dibagi makan utk 50 orang sahaja, end up jadi 200 orang, satu opis dijemput...ko gila x? n dah tu keje berat2 lak dema campak kat akuu..kaedahnya dema ckp akak ni very the multi very the talented and very2 the pandai to handle keje2 yg akan menyusahkan ketiak aku ajor!!

so siang nnt, akak akak menjadi host, waitress, despatch, si tukang bsh pinggan dan seanteronya lah....yang paling hazab bila akak kena bwk segala juadah nasi tomato dan iringan2 nya dari caterer akak ke opis di pagi2 buto!!! ayokkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

and pastinya sambil menjadi si balaci akak perlu juga berhias wt the baju kurung. yg sedihnya...akak x sempat nak pi saloon!!!!!

ci lah!