Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Can you pls...

can u please buy the battery and pasang balik kat jam yang dah seminggu goal kaligol. can u please drill this and that, tempek kat wall since the paint that paint dah berbulan dalam bilik abang. can u pls throw the rubbish immediately coz ada isi ikan sotong which can make my kitchen getting smelly. can u pls throw the baju straight into the kitchen not at my hall. can u pls ensure u send my car to wash since it s been months already. can u pls u check my car battery, the tyres everything bout my car since i m a useless driver. can u pls do things without im asking you to do so. can u pls pls pls make my mouth shut. oh im tired.

can u pls stop playing while in a class. can you pls ensure that you get number one in yr exams. can u pls dont play2 while reading your alif ba ta when nanny is teaching you. can u please remember your ik ek san sek pu liau so on at least for the number 50. can u please read your bahasa melayu promptly. can u please hafal those doas nicely. can u pls and can u pls stop playing just while studying. mummy is tired to ask you to do this and that and shout and yell and be the loudspeaker at home and sometimes from office while calling you over phone. can u?

can u pls eat wt your right hand not wt yr left hand, even u are lefthanded. how many times mummy have to tell you. can you pls let me choose the outfits for you everyday, you are just little girl, you are not even 3 yet. you are safe, i dont have much complaints about you yet.

oh it s time to get the old baby's magazines out from the boxes. it s time.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Wedding day...

my ex colleague was getting married on sunday, so since venue nya nun jauh kat Shah Alam, we decided to tag along my sister and her husband. pasainya after the wedd akak n sirman nak menyinggah this one shop next to Dewan MPSA.

Pengantin perempuan is my fren, got married wt a musician, group apa pun akak tak tau, lupa la......tapi cantik pelamin dia, ala2 dalam taman gitu, cam Datuk Siti nye pelamin pun ye gak. akak dok meja belakang, so nak shoot gambo pun main zoom2 jer...dari jauh je leh hi hi bye bye kat pengantin.

teka cepat...sapa mamat ni?

ramai gaklah artis yang datang, but i dont give a damn wt them...i love taking photos wt gegirl, she is so adorable, everytime sirman tries to snap mine, she will buat bising kecoh, that her photo must be snapped too.

if u see abang takde lam gambo ni, that means lepas je dia had lunch terus mengular main carik geng. that s the normal routine of abang, x leh dok diam, tu pasal kalo wedding2 camni, akak carik port meja yg belakang2, kalau kat depan kang, jenuh lak aku nak pusing satu dewan cari dia.after the event, here we are, the place that we wanted to get my stuff.

nice lamp...quite cheap cheap sale!

untie pearl..a duck for you

can u pls make up yr mind, which one yang u nak
waitlah..i want this but emm..yang tu pun lawa gak...

how come she is taller than me?

while mom and dad are doing their shopping, kids and penakan went down to the kids centre....senang sket akak nak beli barang.

we got what we need for but x yah la snap2 gambo tu. at the end, ngah2 bergambo, tokey cina tu cakap 'akak tak boleh amik gambo kat dalam ini kedai'.

kaco daun jelah..so dont blame me, blame tokey kedai tu.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The full Saturday....

our day today started at 930am, went off to Hajris Bistro in our are, Bandar Sri Permaisuri for breakfast, x sedap sungguh roti canai telurnya....separuh pun akak x abih makan. Next to Hajris is the kedai mato and kedai for computers h/ware bagai. both places were then our nxt trip then.

remember that i lost my spek mato while in kelantan? so all this when i m at home, watching tv and reading you over my pc, i have to wear my lens. otherwise i have to mengecikkan mata since i m so so rabun kalo x i have to wear my old spek yang bingkainya dah nak arwah. so since my disposable lens dah abih stock, i went to this shop to get my normal lenses lah. but since this is my first time being their customer, and they are currently having a very good sales, ok lah akak rembat la satu spek.

akak nampak muda tak with this spek?
no, im not taking this one, i want another one, more discount lah leng chai...

ok amoi, since yr kids are so cute, i ll give u the best price... now, pls take off yr lens, kita kena check power again

no no, i dah pakai make up i x nak bukak my lens, my power is this and that so just use it

amoi nanti u pening2 kalau kita x ukur power u lagi

malas malas, akak x nak bukak lens, amik je power yang akak ckp tu

yalor yalor...

mummy2, pls snap my photo wt daddy

my photo oso pls....

headed to Lorenzo and Homelife....

nice red sofa kan?

we are looking for something but survey2 dulu before what we decided to buy first

what do u think if i get that long mirror?

done for the half day of Saturday, balik at 2pm...empat2 terus tido and woke up at 530 for our swimming time

and after so long, i decided to join them to swim as well...

mummy2, my photo wt Mak Andak pls...

snoozing and tired

iklan jap, top ngan bawah ni nye gambo is actually gambo artis nama oshin dari kump lips tu, yang kuor lam Melodi for Terjah katanya ada affair ngan Datuk tu lah, dia ngan kawan2 dia or family ke dok sebelah meja akak, .....dok berkempit ngan dia ada one little girl ni tp akak x tau lah tu anaknya ke adik ke hapa...payah tol akak nak zoom amik gambo minah ni, dia cam lari2 jer coz dia nampak akak pegang kamera gitu kan

snappy2 before going out for dinner

dinner time, KL downtown....kids dah meraban lari sana sinun. foods nye gambo lupa nak ngamik coz semua dah kebulur

the pengantin baru...think dah basi already, 2 months kan....

one makcik was trying to convince me buy this tonic merapat, mengempis dan segala menganakdara kan mak orang cam akak .....but akak nicely say no lah. dont think will get this di tepi2 jalan, i will surely need some advises if i were to drink this tonic

jalan2 time..

sirman ni suka snap bakang aku tau...ingat lawa hagaknya?? bughuk tau x

mom i want this

and i want this too

educational vcd and books for kids are worth to buy here

gegirl still takut to those benda2 yang pakai patung gini. meraung cam nak rak

she s actually crying so loud!

sirman wt kids, my little sis and hubby

uncle, one for me and one for my sister pls

love to hear this group singing and performing, better than those yang kat stage berkaraoke

leaving kl downtown at 1115pm. nice place to hang out and cuci mata but not worth to shop2.... the goods that they are selling are too expensive for the place like this.

resting time...sunday to go.