Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A year in VA...

Raya wt family is always apart of my life. since i got married, we hv to go to both places, apparently since my side is nearer to us, we will pay a visit to my mom's hse first than only to sirman's side.

everytime adha came, my dad will always be the important person in leading the korban dari awal menyembelih kambing/lembu up to melapah dan membahagi2 kan daging2 mahupun tulang mahupun ekor!

this is my bro in law helping my at home, melapah ekor lembu.....ni yang org panggil nnt sup ekor!!! kaw kaw made from my mom.

epi, my bro terpaksa beraya ngan kaki berbungkus this time. 2 nites b4 raya, dia langgar lubang mana tah kat fed highway and zerupp zerapppppppppp as we tot so lah. so ended wt kaki berbungkus. to epi who reads my blog - congratulations for being the havoc accident victim this year, think this is yr 3rd or 4th time for the past 2006.

at my in law's side pulak, we had all the bbq on the nite of adha. well....kat sini i just ate makan and makan. the best part was a gathering between among of us. we chat makan chat makan and makan most of the time.

since adha falls a day b4 new year, so we rushed back to VA to watch the fireworks from our balcony. in respect to the hari raya qurban and saudara2 kita yang dimusibahi banjir specially in Johor, the govt has decided not to have any celebration of the new year. hanya bunga api sahaja yang ado itupun not from the top of klcc, fireworks kali ni x betapa cantik and menarik though yang excited for anak2 ajer.

gegirl missed the scenario coz while odw back from my in law's hse dia dah ketiduran, and abang was extremely excited sampai sanggup bangun tido while in the car nak tgk bunga api.

this scenario can be seen every new year or even the merdeka event, ppl are stopping by infront of VA to get a good view of KLCC, to watch the boom boom bang of the fireworks. photos taken from my balcony area.

genap setahun yang lampau, on the day of 31st december 2005, same day we moved in to VA....


Huz said...

Siannya Epi tu accident. Klu Huz - ngeri! Selamat Tahun Baru buat Kak Red sekeluarga.

ween said...

Amboiii, meriah!! very meriah.. one thing only tak merah lah kak red!!