Friday, June 30, 2006

Pot Pet Pot Pet

Dome, KLCC: 545pm - 945pm

Cik Latif - our ex lectuerer when we were in ITM. Planned was supposed for him to meet me and Liza, sudahnya Riny and family (Adam, our ex-ITM oso n Nadine the only child of them)..Ima (yeah, wt new hairstyle). and later Liza who was supposed to come at 530, stucked wt work, kol 8 br nampak batang idung.

Ima looks different? thee thee...we went to saloon and she of cos lah godek her hair tu yang nampak look so lovely.

Cik Latip - all the way from pj/shah alam to c his x students yang dah kembang2 and beranak pinak ni...thanks for coming, and hopefully kita buat lg mini2 gathering ni yeah...

Will update more...

pasal entry Blow Up tu....pendekkan cerita - go to hell to that bloody guy who borrowed my money! My husband has warned him to get lost from my life , so u better follow his words b4 he plays his part as well!


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Blow up!


i went to your blog - it is interesting when you talked about kaki hutang. i used to have that problem last time i wonder if $$$ are written all over my face. some of friends and a few ex boyfriends. so glad my relationship with them ended or else i will be supporting them/him the rest of my life. i talked about this to one of my single freinds. she said you don't have to lie about not having money to lend - just say "i don't feel comfortable doing it". i do howewver give or contibute to family members - i consider it a gift or sedekah - Ms Zal.

to be continued...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

SMS Trail from the peminjam wangku!!

i ve deleted the sms from him asking the money, but after the fri incident, i surely keep the rest of the here are some of the sms that he sent on Saturday and you noticed the 'by hook or by crook' .... cakap banyak tapi bayar pun tidak jugak.

i learnt my lesson already...never2 trust ppl except your good bloody frens contohnya again my ima whom i trusted the most.

hey wait....1 interesting story that i heard last nite! i finally found out from another fren of mine, that he is also in the same shoes as mine. that guy trapped him twice, ask for big amount pastu dia bagi 100 je lah but dah 2 wks havent get the money yet!!!

so im sensing that i m not gonna get my money very soon kot but i think he did all these behind his gf's back. btw, his gf is truly our fren not really him, it just that since our first gathering this boyfren loves to interefere the public we become frens lah.

im sure if the gf knows bout it sure malu and mengamuk gila...i think i will tell her lah...soon.
so piss off lah wt this penipu guy!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday the story..

Before i go on wt the liar guy that i talked about yesterday, let s have a calm and down emotion...wt these 2 angels:

i just love posting their photos lar...if u think that i am too much in putting their photos into my blog - go to hell wt u! this is my blog, and they are mine so back off if u think this blog doesnt fit you...

so lalala.....
the protective brother wt his lovely and sweet sister..

The Drunk Choc From London

what did u see from this closed view? a whisky? a malibu valentines long island tea?

u drunk!!

it s actually a dozens of chocolate that been wrapped and similar like a botol2 arak yang haram itulah.... it s a gift from a colleague who just came back from his 2 wks holiday in London. halal ke? i dont really dare to eat thee thee thee.....but the goods are too good and that s why let s share the photos wt u out there....thanks to Matty for the thought!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday the story..

i was on leave today- we had fun in Sunway Lagoon, abang and gegirl happy suka semacam though gegirl macam ala2 x sihat plak...we swam and swam and swam...masuk je keter at 630 terus dedua flat and tido all the way back home! apparently, the tickets that i bot was actually since 6 months ago and need to use it before next coming Tuesday, that s why we hv to go today, Friday and abang had to ponteng sekolah thee thee thee...

just managed to snap 1 photo since we were all wet and cudnt bring mobiles into the water lah of cos and son!

and this is our pretty princess...she wore the serkop mak aji, which belong to her grandmom, i dont know how on earth mende tu dok kat Vista Amani..but arent she cute???

so last wed, i helped one of my fren whom i think can be trusted lah, to tfer some cash into his fren s acct as he was not at d 'bank' or 'atm' s location. ok fine, since he insisted me so much, i helped lah...kawan2 kan. though dalam dunia ni i just pinjamkan duit to my ima or liza only like my previous 50 lists post kan...but tolong gak lah...

then he promised to tfer to my bcb back by that eve gak lah. only after 9pm he smsed me that dia dah tfer to my bcb from his pbb which i guess it should be cleared by Fri mrng or afternoon the latest lah kan. kan kan ? (he didnt tell me that he s tferring from pbb, coz i do hv a pbb acct as well) rugi 2 inggit jer!

so at 9pm just now, i checked my bcb online..x de pun masuk that amount! floating pun how do u feel?

though that amounth x sampai 1k but this is a matter of f/ship and trusty lah kan...once i help u, nxt time if u want me to help u again, i dont think it s gonna work anymore since for the 1st time ever ko dah buat perangai kan kan ...

i smsed him twice, i called him twice - x jwb at all. only after 45min baru dia jwb that he pun x tau what happend but he will re=tfer back from his pbb to my pbb. well...arent u c some curioucity kat sini?

so we ll c trow, if there is or not. but as of now, im not gonna help him anymore lah! to ppl out careful..u want to buy a trust from yr fren, very simple = dont make silly mistakes ok!

time for me to play my chess..anybody wants to hit me?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Horey Horey

Since he is not having his off day like we the normal ppl, so we plan to go to Sunway Lagoon on Fri 16th of June. nice hah? going on wkdays, take leave u know!


Loushi, my son is not able to go to school tomorrow

oh that s ok, then i ll give him extra 2 days homework lah ok...

pap! ketuk dahi...u think u can get rest wt yr son's homework..lazynya daddy yeah.....

yehyeh...lets go surfing

I hate football larr

a week ago: i wanna control astro from 1130pm onwards...

myself: huh?

and later:

A : yang...i need to watch astro from 9 onwards

M: i tot u told me u wanna watch it only after 1130

A: nope, i change my mind.

M: but i wanna watch diari AF lah

A: ok then i ll conquer the pc and room's tv, but after 930, i need astro

yucks!!! i just remember a few wks ago, i hv received this email talking bout husband who gives rules and regulations for this Dunia Cawan event......n unfor it will then happen to me pulak!

2nd decoder? not at Vista Amani. when we were in Bayu Tasik, we had 2 decoders, usually handsome boy will watch his cartoon in the room and parents will watch the AXN HBO in the living area. but one thing about having 2 decoders are: you are not sitting together wt your family...unless u just hv 1 astro, so anak mak nenek suma in 1 area. tol x?

but he approves me to go out wt my frens at nite hehehehehehe...but not every nite lah, fri nite kah, sat nite kah..if the time permits him, ok lah, he can stay at home wt kids and wt his gila2 bola and i can go lepaking.

so my frens out there? jom jom....yeh yeh...i can go flurting yeh yeh...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

50 things about me that you need to know

1. I ll always be the first person to wake up and the last person to sleep ? the other 3 ? tido mati wooo

2. i will start sneezing when the dust is around me

3. i was once a 38kgs till I got my first ni maintain 46kgs, my tummy will increase more everytime I eat extra..

4. i look clumsy wt long pants and baju kurung ? I prefer short or skirts

5. I love beach, but everytime i got chance to be there, my family will be swimming but I will be sitting at the gerai. Coz im allergic to sunburn, takut tan lah.

6. i love flirting and i can cry easily

7. i think internet is human's greatest invention ever ? Im addicted to internet and my streamyx must be working well every time im at home.

8. i think there's nothing sexier than a guy tight in their shirt into their pants (honey, remember this?even though u don?t go out wt me, pls tight in ok)

9. I envy to Red colours

10.i m not a creative person, so not good in anything hand made

11. I didn?t let ppl borrow my money except to these 2 ima and liza

12. i had an affair wif a gud fren of his (hello, not to my current husband ok)

13. i enjoy spending my leisure time playing internet chess and i know I m still a champion

14. i hate walking under the sun ? hot hot hot.

15. I don?t like crabs or even spice foods

16. i am aiming for Red bmw - doesnt matter lah any series ada sesapa nak bg adiah?

17. i can cook masak anything quite well but not extravaganza.

18. i cannot cook wif too many ppl in the kitchen.

19. i cannot 'siang' ayam, abang pasar mlm hv to siangkan for me- kerat 24 ye bang

20. i was once famous in pantun and chess. I ve said good bye to pantun but actively in chess.
Chess ok!

21. i failed memorise phone numbers

22. i'm eyeing on the flat screen monitor pc for home use and dvd player for my room's use as

23. i know im a good kid compared to the other 7

24. i have one good friend whom I know for the past 13 years ? to know about me, go to her but I bet she wont tell you - ima!

25. i m perfumes, shoes and skirts collector

26. I will not go out without my eyeliner

27. i shave my own brows. (kalau rajin je baru buat threading)

28. i hate being in a crowded places.

29. i hate to do ironing that s why i have a maid

30. i'm afraid of heights but I did the upside down bridge for my Fear Factor

31. i don't like to wear glasses, 100% lens user

32. 'anak? is the song i played the most on my pc.

33. i drive fast and furious

34. i love cats so much

35. I wish to take a dance class ? but time is a factor

36. I love eating nasi wt hands, no matter how great and walla my dressing is, nak malu apa..

37. i have been using the 012?s no since 7 years ago, never change the no ok, stick n loyal so
maxis..apa aku dpt? n i have the same last 7 digits no - 012 and 019 of 320 6264 - special kan?

38. if i got extra money i intend to buy a big house for my parents

39. censored!!! heheheheh

40. i dun usually wear baju kurung to office on Fridays - I prefer to wear it on Monday (blues
babe, malas!)

41. I m so protective mummy ? ask my kids lah

42. censored!!!! sorry u cant read this now

43. I love ayam msk lemak, kurma ayam, kari ayam, cencaru goreng ? all wt high cholesterol meh?

44. most of my stuff are all in red, family?s clothes, sofa, etcs..all must be in red

45. my watches are all set 15mins ahead of actual time.

46. I hate sweating but I love swimming and bowling

47. I m the most membebel person at home, no matter how talkative my kids are, im still am!

48. i tie my hair up most of the time except for huha and weng weng and gitu gitu

49. i'll mad if someone talk bad bout my kids.

50. i dunno why the hell did i make this list.

blast off!

tajuk cam marah jer..mmg pun, i made a friendship wt some1 whom i belive can be relied on but somehow after the huha incident, that person and my another gf pulak been flurting. so as of sunday 11th, get lost of you!!

now i m trying to make more frens, as many as i can...tak kira gewe hok tino.

mls nak naip u, go to hell but to that lady still thinking...

think think !