Friday, June 30, 2006

Pot Pet Pot Pet

Dome, KLCC: 545pm - 945pm

Cik Latif - our ex lectuerer when we were in ITM. Planned was supposed for him to meet me and Liza, sudahnya Riny and family (Adam, our ex-ITM oso n Nadine the only child of them)..Ima (yeah, wt new hairstyle). and later Liza who was supposed to come at 530, stucked wt work, kol 8 br nampak batang idung.

Ima looks different? thee thee...we went to saloon and she of cos lah godek her hair tu yang nampak look so lovely.

Cik Latip - all the way from pj/shah alam to c his x students yang dah kembang2 and beranak pinak ni...thanks for coming, and hopefully kita buat lg mini2 gathering ni yeah...

Will update more...

pasal entry Blow Up tu....pendekkan cerita - go to hell to that bloody guy who borrowed my money! My husband has warned him to get lost from my life , so u better follow his words b4 he plays his part as well!



Anonymous said...

Hello !

Are you from itm jengka ? which batch ? i stumbled u pon your blog and I know Riny and Adam ( and cik latip too ).
By looking at your pics, I couldn recognize you ....!

Red Mummy said...

ni sapo lak ni..

nama u apa ek?