Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I am...

My fren said i look like a wayang girl lah for this kind of make was for the 3rd water stunt...they make up us like u wanna hv a dinner cucuk2 langit summore...wahhhh

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Fear Factor - When I Become A Supermom

it was Friday of 25th November 2005 afternoon.

Ami sent me to Sunway Pyramid Tower...yeap, it s my 1st day of the Fear Factor Episode 9. There were 6 of us, Reita Angie myself Nasir Mat n Kenneth. We spent our 1st day together, hanging out at Sunway Pyramid, had d Episode 4 gathering in Taj. I cant even sleep at nite, manage to sleep only at 3am i guess. ketar giler..riso takut sume ada, what s going to happen 4 my stunt nxt day.

Saturday 26th, we woke up at 630, had bfast and make up started at 9. we did d V/O and head up to Saujana Bridge, Putrajaya. of cos we were blind was terribly hot, i m not an outdoor person, i just cant stand wt the lightings of shooting and the sun man......

the stunt that we need to do - hanging upside down. i was the 4th person doing the stunt, i managed to be d 2nd fastest among them wt 27sec. Finally, Angie and Mat hv to go home...sorry guys, somebody has gotta go.

we finished all shots bout 530pm, and i can feel dat my body cant coop wt d hot of d weather...yeah surely cant. on d way back to the hotel i feel so cool babe...and padan muka aku, dapat high fever that nite jugak. Ami came at 11pm to visit me and brot some medicines and soup. yeap....the next day at 6am, i dah recovered, thank god we dont hv any stunts on Sunday.

we had a break on sunday, i went to The summit, picked up by marsya and yeap...i just watched, didnt even climb. Ami n my 2 angles came and we hang out for a while b4 we go back to bayu for resting. i was then sent back to the hotel, and abang was crying like hell man..wanted to follow me. x leh lah sayang..mummy wants to go FF...

Monday 27th d 2nd day of stunt...

same time for bfast n make up..4 of us, get ready for another unknown stunt..yeap we were in UPM this time. s not really hot today, but still..i wish it could finish early. and ges what i should do..eating the goat's testicles who s so choosy on my own food, gotta damn fuckin' eating testicles.

i was d 2nd person called in to eat it, which they put in 3pies, to find the testicles that full of wombs..ahahhahaha..i did it in 1min 33 sec and sent kent home..sorry dik, some1 has to go home again, and i beat yr time twice! was pretty great..going to d final stunt at last.

Tuesday 28th a 3rd day of stunt...

make up started only at 3pm..we just hang out in our rooms, lepaking wt reita and nasir...waited for our call to d set. left sunway to unknown place at 5pm..then we get there...stadium bukit jalil..kolam renang. shit!...a water stunt???

we waited for so 12midnite of 29th..i was the first person to do d stupid stupid. they put me in d cauffin, lock me, and gave me 3 keys and supmerged me into the water using a kren. argghhhhhhhhhhh.. i was freaking shocked, shaking, takut ngeri and all those bastards feeling when i need to do this. i know i dont hv d confidence doing it.

and after tried 3 cilakak keys, i still cant unlock the vavi padlock. completely being elimanted already. shit..i was crying, sad benci sakit ati...and d winner goes to Reita again??? ohhhhh...well u deserve that lah pengantin baru!

went to by 2am in d morning, ami picked me up....resting and feeling the sad for few days........

to my kids...your mom has proved that she can do it, went till d final stunt! it s your supermom!!!

to fear factor malaysia, thank you for chosing me, 1 has to be a winner and 5 hv to be upset and it was me in d 5....hey..i got experienced dude!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fear Factor Malaysia

i have applied for the FFM on June/July of 2005. a month later, i ve been called to join in the FFM launching at the Sunway Lagoon. It took me a whole day and excitement joining the launching, had to do 2 tasks though 1 of the task was making me so nervous - swimming.

i m not a swimmer, i have no idea on how to swim....but thank god i managed to get my fear off it. after 1 whole day in the launching, we ve been promised to be called either we will be selected or not for the 13 episodes.

day by day...i brought my hp everywhere...i do not want to miss the calls. but still waiting like buah yg x gugur. luckily...during the fasting month, it was a great news. I have now been selected in the Episode 7 which will be on shooting starting 10 Nov 2005.

A week b4 i got a call, i have registered for a swimming classes, tot if im not in FFM, i still can swim....after few classes..yeah....i m in im in im in...........tq for calling me FFM and thank to you God too!

a week ago, they called me to reschedule my shooting. it s gonna be on the 25th Nov, in an Episode 9. i dont mind what episodes they are going to put me long as im selected already.

my goal is to get the RM10k. i really need to work hard for it. after raya, i wish to workout more, and hopefully i can swim more faster then yesterday and yesterdayss...

i wish i win....i wanna use the money to my new Vista Amani...may Allah help me, a petite mummy of 2 kiddos. Insyallah

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Macho Boy

Shameel - To complete - 23rd October 2001, Tuesday

He completed my life, our life. Was born today s date, 23rd oct 2001 at 516am in the morning. already 4 years, very depending on us, needs too much concentration, even while playing games, toys etc. He was born via ceasoran, in the morning of Tuesday. The mom was being induced since 530pm on Monday and contraction started only at midnite. 3.62kg, he was chubby when he was less than 2 years. an active boy. early this year of 2005, he requested to go to school. We chose Colourful Kids Kindergarden, his first world in a formal education life.

and he stopped going to school on Oct 2005, he doesnt want to mingle around with other students, for him, he doesnt want to share things even to his beautiful sister. We plan to move him to other school next year.

Abang, Mummy loves you so much...u are my 1st angle!

My Pretty Gegirl

Melysha - The Responsible - 9th September 2004, Thursday

3.1kg - a tiny baby, was born via normal delivery. so chinese look, from the eyes up to the skin. She s soft, always dependable. our lovely girl.

Mummy will always back u up though your beloved brother always bullying you.

You are my sunshine!

Friday, September 16, 2005

RedMummy - becomes complicated

she wants my ticket but she doesnt want to fetch me. she asked me to come by myself to bkt jalil. camne aku nak gi, aku sorang2 malaslahhhhhhh nak drive. anyway u are passing by my hse too! so ok lah, i will not drive but i get the partner to send me there but then u have to send me back lah. diam lak x jwb. so camne sok ni? mlm ni camne lah ngan party eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

RedMummy - becomes a story

Seorang anak laki-laki kecil bertanya kepada ibunya ?Mengapa engkau menangis?"

"Kerana aku seorang wanita", kata sang ibu kepadanya.

"Aku tidak mengerti", kata anak itu.

Ibunya hanya memeluknya dan berkata, "Dan kau tak akan pernah mengerti"

Kemudian anak laki-laki itu bertanya kepada ayahnya, "Mengapa ibu suka menangis tanpa alasan?"

"Semua wanita menangis tanpa alasan", hanya itu yang dapat dikatakan oleh ayahnya.

Anak laki-laki kecil itu pun lalu tumbuh menjadi seorang laki-laki dewasa, tetap ingin tahu mengapa wanita menangis.

Akhirnya ia menghubungi Tuhan, dan ia bertanya, "Tuhan, mengapa wanita begitu mudah menangis?"

Allah berfirman:

"Ketika Aku menciptakan seorang wanita, ia diharuskan untuk menjadi seorang yang istimewa. Aku membuat bahunya cukup kuat untuk menopang dunia; namun, harus cukup lembut untuk memberikan kenyamanan "
"Aku memberikannya kekuatan dari dalam untuk mampu melahirkan anak dan menerima penolakan yang seringkali datang dari anak-anaknya "
"Aku memberinya kekerasan untuk membuatnya tetap tegar ketika orang-orang lain menyerah, dan mengasuh keluarganya dengan penderitaan dan kelelahan tanpa mengeluh "
"Aku memberinya kepekaan untuk mencintai anak-anaknya dalam setiap keadaan, bahkan ketika anaknya bersikap sangat menyakiti hatinya "
"Aku memberinya kekuatan untuk mendukung suaminya dalam kegagalannya dan melengkapi dengan tulang rusuk suaminya untuk melindungi hatinya "
"Aku memberinya kebijaksanaan untuk mengetahui bahwa seorang suami yang baik takkan pernah menyakiti isterinya, tetapi kadang menguji kekuatannya dan ketetapan hatinya untuk berada disisi suaminya tanpa ragu "
"Dan akhirnya, Aku memberinya air mata untuk dititiskan. Ini adalah khusus miliknya untuk digunakan bilapun ia perlukan."

"Kau tahu:
Kecantikan seorang wanita bukanlah dari pakaian yang dikenakannya, susuk yang ia tampilkan, atau bagaimana ia menyisir rambutnya."
"Kecantikan seorang wanita harus dilihat dari matanya, kerana itulah pintu hatinya ? tempat dimana cinta itu ada."

Redmommy becomes green

i bot Zara shirt last week, wanted to wear something different, with the style wt the new hair look (though it s been 3 wks oredi). x polah...kalo org kata x lawa pung, cik nak pakai gak hangpa dulik hapa. laki cek kata cek 'walllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'. thanks yang!

Abang was been very mengada2 this morning. the birdie kene bite kot dek ants, i donnno lah...keep crying 'i dont wanna go to school' ..huek huek huekk...eiii budak ni. ok lah fine, hang dok umah nenek yer.

Gegirl...u are my fav gf in my life...suka no usik mak hang nyer spek yang dah berpuluh2 hangpa patahkah. oh noo....sib baik sempat diselamatkan.

my 2nd day wt Ima went to office zaman kat itm lak gi jalan balik sesama., pls plspls, cut lah yr hair, bosan mak nyah tgk hang nye rbt tu dok berikat jer.

honey..u re my love, but dont back so late tonite ok! (or sok baru balik? x po....masyukkkk jgn lupa yr beloved)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mummy's Angels

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are?
Up above the world so high , like a diamond in the sky

When the blazing sun is gone, when he nothing shines upon,
Then you show your little light, twinkle, twinkle all the night.
Then the traveller in the dark, thanks you for your tiny spark,
He could not see which way to go, if you did not twinkle so.

In the dark blue sky you keep, and often through my curtains peep,
For you never shut your eye, 'till the sun is in the sky.

As your bright and tiny spark lights the traveller in the dark,
Though I know not what you are - twinkle, twinkle little star