Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fear Factor Malaysia

i have applied for the FFM on June/July of 2005. a month later, i ve been called to join in the FFM launching at the Sunway Lagoon. It took me a whole day and excitement joining the launching, had to do 2 tasks though 1 of the task was making me so nervous - swimming.

i m not a swimmer, i have no idea on how to swim....but thank god i managed to get my fear off it. after 1 whole day in the launching, we ve been promised to be called either we will be selected or not for the 13 episodes.

day by day...i brought my hp everywhere...i do not want to miss the calls. but still waiting like buah yg x gugur. luckily...during the fasting month, it was a great news. I have now been selected in the Episode 7 which will be on shooting starting 10 Nov 2005.

A week b4 i got a call, i have registered for a swimming classes, tot if im not in FFM, i still can swim....after few classes..yeah....i m in im in im in...........tq for calling me FFM and thank to you God too!

a week ago, they called me to reschedule my shooting. it s gonna be on the 25th Nov, in an Episode 9. i dont mind what episodes they are going to put me long as im selected already.

my goal is to get the RM10k. i really need to work hard for it. after raya, i wish to workout more, and hopefully i can swim more faster then yesterday and yesterdayss...

i wish i win....i wanna use the money to my new Vista Amani...may Allah help me, a petite mummy of 2 kiddos. Insyallah

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Macho Boy

Shameel - To complete - 23rd October 2001, Tuesday

He completed my life, our life. Was born today s date, 23rd oct 2001 at 516am in the morning. already 4 years, very depending on us, needs too much concentration, even while playing games, toys etc. He was born via ceasoran, in the morning of Tuesday. The mom was being induced since 530pm on Monday and contraction started only at midnite. 3.62kg, he was chubby when he was less than 2 years. an active boy. early this year of 2005, he requested to go to school. We chose Colourful Kids Kindergarden, his first world in a formal education life.

and he stopped going to school on Oct 2005, he doesnt want to mingle around with other students, for him, he doesnt want to share things even to his beautiful sister. We plan to move him to other school next year.

Abang, Mummy loves you so much...u are my 1st angle!

My Pretty Gegirl

Melysha - The Responsible - 9th September 2004, Thursday

3.1kg - a tiny baby, was born via normal delivery. so chinese look, from the eyes up to the skin. She s soft, always dependable. our lovely girl.

Mummy will always back u up though your beloved brother always bullying you.

You are my sunshine!