Wednesday, June 14, 2006

50 things about me that you need to know

1. I ll always be the first person to wake up and the last person to sleep ? the other 3 ? tido mati wooo

2. i will start sneezing when the dust is around me

3. i was once a 38kgs till I got my first ni maintain 46kgs, my tummy will increase more everytime I eat extra..

4. i look clumsy wt long pants and baju kurung ? I prefer short or skirts

5. I love beach, but everytime i got chance to be there, my family will be swimming but I will be sitting at the gerai. Coz im allergic to sunburn, takut tan lah.

6. i love flirting and i can cry easily

7. i think internet is human's greatest invention ever ? Im addicted to internet and my streamyx must be working well every time im at home.

8. i think there's nothing sexier than a guy tight in their shirt into their pants (honey, remember this?even though u don?t go out wt me, pls tight in ok)

9. I envy to Red colours

10.i m not a creative person, so not good in anything hand made

11. I didn?t let ppl borrow my money except to these 2 ima and liza

12. i had an affair wif a gud fren of his (hello, not to my current husband ok)

13. i enjoy spending my leisure time playing internet chess and i know I m still a champion

14. i hate walking under the sun ? hot hot hot.

15. I don?t like crabs or even spice foods

16. i am aiming for Red bmw - doesnt matter lah any series ada sesapa nak bg adiah?

17. i can cook masak anything quite well but not extravaganza.

18. i cannot cook wif too many ppl in the kitchen.

19. i cannot 'siang' ayam, abang pasar mlm hv to siangkan for me- kerat 24 ye bang

20. i was once famous in pantun and chess. I ve said good bye to pantun but actively in chess.
Chess ok!

21. i failed memorise phone numbers

22. i'm eyeing on the flat screen monitor pc for home use and dvd player for my room's use as

23. i know im a good kid compared to the other 7

24. i have one good friend whom I know for the past 13 years ? to know about me, go to her but I bet she wont tell you - ima!

25. i m perfumes, shoes and skirts collector

26. I will not go out without my eyeliner

27. i shave my own brows. (kalau rajin je baru buat threading)

28. i hate being in a crowded places.

29. i hate to do ironing that s why i have a maid

30. i'm afraid of heights but I did the upside down bridge for my Fear Factor

31. i don't like to wear glasses, 100% lens user

32. 'anak? is the song i played the most on my pc.

33. i drive fast and furious

34. i love cats so much

35. I wish to take a dance class ? but time is a factor

36. I love eating nasi wt hands, no matter how great and walla my dressing is, nak malu apa..

37. i have been using the 012?s no since 7 years ago, never change the no ok, stick n loyal so
maxis..apa aku dpt? n i have the same last 7 digits no - 012 and 019 of 320 6264 - special kan?

38. if i got extra money i intend to buy a big house for my parents

39. censored!!! heheheheh

40. i dun usually wear baju kurung to office on Fridays - I prefer to wear it on Monday (blues
babe, malas!)

41. I m so protective mummy ? ask my kids lah

42. censored!!!! sorry u cant read this now

43. I love ayam msk lemak, kurma ayam, kari ayam, cencaru goreng ? all wt high cholesterol meh?

44. most of my stuff are all in red, family?s clothes, sofa, etcs..all must be in red

45. my watches are all set 15mins ahead of actual time.

46. I hate sweating but I love swimming and bowling

47. I m the most membebel person at home, no matter how talkative my kids are, im still am!

48. i tie my hair up most of the time except for huha and weng weng and gitu gitu

49. i'll mad if someone talk bad bout my kids.

50. i dunno why the hell did i make this list.

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