Sunday, June 18, 2006

SMS Trail from the peminjam wangku!!

i ve deleted the sms from him asking the money, but after the fri incident, i surely keep the rest of the here are some of the sms that he sent on Saturday and you noticed the 'by hook or by crook' .... cakap banyak tapi bayar pun tidak jugak.

i learnt my lesson already...never2 trust ppl except your good bloody frens contohnya again my ima whom i trusted the most.

hey wait....1 interesting story that i heard last nite! i finally found out from another fren of mine, that he is also in the same shoes as mine. that guy trapped him twice, ask for big amount pastu dia bagi 100 je lah but dah 2 wks havent get the money yet!!!

so im sensing that i m not gonna get my money very soon kot but i think he did all these behind his gf's back. btw, his gf is truly our fren not really him, it just that since our first gathering this boyfren loves to interefere the public we become frens lah.

im sure if the gf knows bout it sure malu and mengamuk gila...i think i will tell her lah...soon.
so piss off lah wt this penipu guy!

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Anonymous said...

wdf... u r killing me! who's this idiot!