Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday the story..

i was on leave today- we had fun in Sunway Lagoon, abang and gegirl happy suka semacam though gegirl macam ala2 x sihat plak...we swam and swam and swam...masuk je keter at 630 terus dedua flat and tido all the way back home! apparently, the tickets that i bot was actually since 6 months ago and need to use it before next coming Tuesday, that s why we hv to go today, Friday and abang had to ponteng sekolah thee thee thee...

just managed to snap 1 photo since we were all wet and cudnt bring mobiles into the water lah of cos and son!

and this is our pretty princess...she wore the serkop mak aji, which belong to her grandmom, i dont know how on earth mende tu dok kat Vista Amani..but arent she cute???

so last wed, i helped one of my fren whom i think can be trusted lah, to tfer some cash into his fren s acct as he was not at d 'bank' or 'atm' s location. ok fine, since he insisted me so much, i helped lah...kawan2 kan. though dalam dunia ni i just pinjamkan duit to my ima or liza only like my previous 50 lists post kan...but tolong gak lah...

then he promised to tfer to my bcb back by that eve gak lah. only after 9pm he smsed me that dia dah tfer to my bcb from his pbb which i guess it should be cleared by Fri mrng or afternoon the latest lah kan. kan kan ? (he didnt tell me that he s tferring from pbb, coz i do hv a pbb acct as well) rugi 2 inggit jer!

so at 9pm just now, i checked my bcb online..x de pun masuk that amount! floating pun how do u feel?

though that amounth x sampai 1k but this is a matter of f/ship and trusty lah kan...once i help u, nxt time if u want me to help u again, i dont think it s gonna work anymore since for the 1st time ever ko dah buat perangai kan kan ...

i smsed him twice, i called him twice - x jwb at all. only after 45min baru dia jwb that he pun x tau what happend but he will re=tfer back from his pbb to my pbb. well...arent u c some curioucity kat sini?

so we ll c trow, if there is or not. but as of now, im not gonna help him anymore lah! to ppl out careful..u want to buy a trust from yr fren, very simple = dont make silly mistakes ok!

time for me to play my chess..anybody wants to hit me?

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