Thursday, June 15, 2006

I hate football larr

a week ago: i wanna control astro from 1130pm onwards...

myself: huh?

and later:

A : yang...i need to watch astro from 9 onwards

M: i tot u told me u wanna watch it only after 1130

A: nope, i change my mind.

M: but i wanna watch diari AF lah

A: ok then i ll conquer the pc and room's tv, but after 930, i need astro

yucks!!! i just remember a few wks ago, i hv received this email talking bout husband who gives rules and regulations for this Dunia Cawan event......n unfor it will then happen to me pulak!

2nd decoder? not at Vista Amani. when we were in Bayu Tasik, we had 2 decoders, usually handsome boy will watch his cartoon in the room and parents will watch the AXN HBO in the living area. but one thing about having 2 decoders are: you are not sitting together wt your family...unless u just hv 1 astro, so anak mak nenek suma in 1 area. tol x?

but he approves me to go out wt my frens at nite hehehehehehe...but not every nite lah, fri nite kah, sat nite kah..if the time permits him, ok lah, he can stay at home wt kids and wt his gila2 bola and i can go lepaking.

so my frens out there? jom jom....yeh yeh...i can go flurting yeh yeh...

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