Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Baby Boy....

my experience to send abang at school was started since 2 yrs back. masa tu abang baru 4 yrs old, and he wanted to go to school (of cos k/garten la kita ckp). since he was only 4 yrs old, we tot of no no hosey for him to go yet, let s enjoy the hidup kanak2 riangnya dengan penuh bahagia. but he got bored at home wt his grannies.

he usually spent his day time wt his Tok to lepak mamak and masjid (kerana itulah abang amat handal makan tosey, sedangkan aku kenal tosey pun melalui abang, how good his Tok mengajarnya makan di mamak). anw, kat masjid ada sekolah agama, and everytime Tok ber zohor and asar di dalam masjid, he will kuor senyap2 and dok kat tangga masjid tengok kids from the sekolah agama opposite of the masjid.

and sesudah toknya habis bersolat, dengan nada sedih 'tok, abang nak go to school'.

and atuk will tell us...and my answer will still no no no.

till one day one time 'mummy abang nak go to school, abang dah big'

and that was when we agreed to send abang to tadika near my mom's area. we enrolled him only for twice a week since he was only 4 yrs old that time (ikutkan lom 4 taun pun since dia born on oct). kira 3 taun lebih la....

for the first few wks, senang sungguh dia nak pi sekolah, masuk at 8am, so by 7 lebih tu mmg dah berjaga siap2 gi sekolah. wpun twice a week. and akhirnya, sekolah ke mana bila dia mula malas bangun pagi. budaya parents dia yang tido lambat jatuh ke anak.....bila malam susah tido dok mengadap kartun jer....pagi pun cam nak rak mengejut, kalau takat menangis mengejut meraung x nak pi school tu dah biasa for us.
i remember, abih jer concert sekolah dia which was on sept/oct 2005...abang terus x pi sekolah. he will only woke up after 11am..sekolah pun dah ke mana. anw, he kept telling me that he doesnt like the teachers and school. so akak pun x nak push him.

but when he turns to 5 yrs old (approx 4 yrs ++), we sent him to a chinese k/garten. 5 days a week, no miss miss this time. luckily kat sini we hv 2 options, either to send him in the morning or afternoon. so being abang yang payah bangun pagi like the parents .... we enrolled him for the afternoon session started at 12noon till 3pm.

it s quite convienent for us. and he seems to be very much happy in his new school.

today, at his first day of school again..after almost 2 months cuti2 msia, abang is excitedly to back on stage again. We bot him a new blue bag, new blue pencil case wt batman spiderman man man icon, lots of new pencils and rubber. not forgotten the new colour pencil. and siaplah every 3,4 months i hv to buy new colour pencils again since pangai abang yang kurang pandai menjaga barang peribadi. bila tanya mana hilang 'frens amik la mummy'...

btw, during my age - the most expensive bag that i ever had was RM20. but budak2 zaman skang very the high demanding. since he is only interested wt blue bag yang siap ada holder tarik2 tu, mana nak dapat at RM20. it s almost RM40! itupun after JJ sales.

for me, to get him a new sets of bags and sets are not coz of menunjuk2 etcs, but utk memberi semangat pada abang supaya lebih mencintai going to school. kids need lots of motivation. 100% of his frens will get a new set, sekiranya abang pi sekolah ngan beg and segala peralatan lama, semangatnya pasti hilang bila kawan2nya ada yang baru tp dia masih pakai yang lama...begitulah kanak2.

anw, today again abang pi the same school. options are given either to send him in the morning or afternoon also. since maknya x nak kelam kabut di pagi hari, we agreed for him to stay in the afternoon session la.

last nite, abang has promised me b4 im asking him to do so.
mom, abang x nak play2 kat school ye, abang nak study hard.

i hope apa yang dia cakap dikotakan. coz i kept telling him, if he gets good result, his dad will get him a play station but if he x kotakan janji2 nya, no way for us to pamper him wt it.

and i reminded him again, that i will check his behavior and his day to day activity from his loushi. as usual, dia sokmo ckp 'mummy dont la call loushi, daddy call x per'. he knows that his mom is very possesive and his dad is a bit relax and ez to deal wt compared than mak dia tu pasal dia leh suh akak dok diam2 buat x tau ngan dia and school. no way anakku.
and today sirman told me that abang got a new loushi, so when i asked sirman, what s the teacher s name? apa no hp teacher?....being a very relax daddy, the answer from him was..'alah lupa lah nama dia, apa tah, no pun lupa nak amik' - itulah daddy abang yang selamba. so once i get the loushi's number later, i will call and have a nice chat2 first sambil mengingatkan aka mengwarning 'pls be nice to my son, if he is being naughty, pls dont pinch or shout at him, tell him nicely yeah'.... . x caya?? i ve been practising this since for the past 2 yrs already and i will keep doing it till donno when la. u can scold him but in a right manner, in US...teachers dont believe in shouting or pinching etcs...kanak2 harus menggunakan cara yang lembut. and usually, loushi will listen to my words since they know they are dealing wt fussy mother of their students.

as previous years, sirman sent him to school instead of me. but i will ensure the Standard 1 of him, will be accompanied by his mom..i will. so everyday, sirman will send b4 going to work, Tok will fetch pulak later. Abang once told me, nak naik bas sekolah...jegil mata akak dibuatnya. being a very possesive mother, i cant let my kids away from the responsible ppl that i trusted the most. i read lots of junk things happend to kids, i dont know when can i release him to use the school bus, but not now even he wanted too. and i have to depend on my dad mbe fore few more years....

anw, talking about abang...wpun umurnya baru 5 taun (ikut year is supposed to be 6 yrs la)...dia sudah mulai malu in public. yday when we were at playground, he doesnt want me to hug him, to hold his hands even to walk next to me.

abang is big and abang malu kalau his frens or his girlfrens saw his mom holding his hands in public.

i asked him yday..abang malu mummy hold abang ye?

with shy shy look....he said 'taklah, but i dont want'

i know he is now getting bigger but he is still my baby boy.

my baby boy is rejecting his mom indirectly. my baby boy thinks he is big enaf to walk far from his mom.

i m not ready to let him walk without my hands yet. no no. he will forever be my baby boy.


ween said...

Sayangnya Abangggg, yelah kan kak red, the first child ni, cam lain sikit.. dont knowlah, but for me, although they grow everyday, i still see them just like a lil' baby.. My babies.. I guess mak2 bapak2 lain pun cam tu.. And I wonder how i'll be when i have to send Nia to school.. Kot kot mak dia yang melalak.. cam no ni?? It is always so hard to let go something so precious to you...

Fish of Pisces @ 5th_E said...

*sigh* all mothers shoud go to heaven. Amin.

husz said...

hahahah ahaha heheheh ahahahhaha sorry la kak red..

x tahan la.. lol punya la psycho mother nie lol..

siap calling the teacher tue..

anyway dunno la pasal kids nie ... up to each person how they want to raise their kids..

but I am one of those evul people who go around scolding kids when they misbehave lol .. I just love it.. hmm not much of a big fan of kids.. well notty kids la.. annoyingly loud notty kids..

but seriously kak red.. how if abang become a wuss? maybe x kot? i dunno la..

carutPK_"dilarang mencarut disekolah" said...

alahai..tersiru,bak akta kak nita..
comel 'abang' adik i pon sekolah lagi..darjah tiga dah..ingat lagi..we ols satu family p hantar kat sekolah..masa darjah satu..sampai adik i naik segan dan suruh weols sumer balik..(sebab mak i yg nangis lebih) adik i tak nagis pon..ermm

kak red..the pic of u and abang said it all bout the tau..

husz said...
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Pato & Pearl said...

Love tat picture of you with Abang....I'm sure you're a great mother!


makosama said...

wah red....dah besar abang yer..