Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Party....

Apart of being a good PR in my office, i m also an event manager for any unofficial or official functions for my dept. I will start off by set up the event, set up a mini committee (but it will end up like i m doing most of the jobs, seriously!). and so go on wt find a caterer, what food that we want to serve, to collect the chip in money from the top level people (kita yang bawah2 ni x yah kuor seposen pun), decorating the venue of the event, banner to be printed and pasted, teh tarik must be served for quite numbers of ppl, cake must be ordered and collected on time. inpromtu photographer will snap snap everyone specially me the lady of photograph gituk.

I ve been doing this since 14 yrs ago and I m so happy doing it, and most of the event that i organised will get a good credit from everyone and it s a good points and inputs for my PMS bonus!! hahahahahhahaha

well! anw, i remember the worst event that i ever organized when i was wt Renong back time, it s a talk between the Sisters and Islam (SIS) to our staff. the speaker was damn bad speaker, mmg membosankan, every single minutes, audience left the hall, leaving the speaker talking x berenti, sampai sudah tinggal akak and committes ajer. we were so unhappy and we had a discussion with SIS speaker, and told her that her performance was not as our expectation. kalaupun ada 10points, akak and team can give her 0.01. betul akak cakap, mmg inilah event yang memalukan akak, sampai akak kena hentam and due to that akak terpaksa menghentam si speaker ni lak.

kami sudahi dengan tidak membayar tokens yang rasanya kalo x silap akak lam 1k lebih kot but speaker tu pun cam nak meneggakkan benang yang basah, she pun x nak accept our tokens since she s being bambued very badly by my team speacilly akak yang mmg malu sgt2 masa tu!!

alrite...tutup citer lampau.

my 2 adhoc comm

DG, our farewell boy....i hope to see you as a DAD

i didnt do this banner, but akak arah2 kan jer 2 comm akak buat ni!

so this is a farewell for my consultant, he is very2 close to me, few wks ago he belanja me at Chakri for lunch, so as he is leaving our company for his own good, the next phase of his life, we threw a farewell party for him.

the Event Manager wt the comm

i sent an email invite to everyone, i told them to hush2 from the boy that we want to farewell to and all are in order! that s good. everyone listen to me. but in the meantime, i sent one personal invite to him, told him that i would like to have a date wt him. though i know that he will sense it, but at least he x berani nak pi our venue to be nak celebrate dia. i even warn him, if he nak pi wee wee pun, hold it off till after the event coz i dont want him to be around the place.

bagus mat salleh ni, x bantah langsung ckp akak!

sibuk la si botak ni

this is my special team, they are rock!!!

the party ended up an hour later, very short but so sweet memory. everyone happy specially DG the farewell boy.

i change my shoes to a sandal, and terus singsing lengan together wt my comm and our cleaner to clean back our chill out area. It s understandable situation, once party habis, x yah disuruh, the comm will hv to kemaskan balik but ada gak yang ngelat and pemalas x nak buat kejer...masalah ni kat mana2 pun ada. but kalau tapau food laju je nak! i hate this kind of people. i wish them makan wt tersedak2, coz again, dahlah malas buat keje tapi bila part bungkus membungkus, which akak yang selalu lead, dia lak yang sibuk2 menempel x malu.

semua kerja2 membersih finished at 620pm, akak terus siapkan barang2, and pack to head off to my gym centre, for my badminton practise.

and now, my legs are all in pain, i had my futsal in the afternoon, 3 hours running here and there for the farewell party, 2 hours for my badminton. and sudahnya jalan dengket2.

i need a good sleep.


ak_0143 said...

huhu... nampak mcm bz je kak red... wat event mcm2... neway i agree with u... mmg tak suka kalau wat pape, ada je makhluk yang tak reti bahasa, pentingkan diri n wat tatau je bila org wat keje... last2 rasa mcm wat projek sorg2 je... hampeh tol...

neway, bukan tak slalu dtg sini... dtg je... cuma fhm2 je la cnnction kolej, mcm hampeh... plus masa nak ol pun utk assignment je, smpat wat maraton baca blog je... tak smpat leave komen...

check email pun ikut gprs tau... huhu... terkejut gak act, kak red leave msg... thanks la g blog hampeh tu... bangga blogger idol snggup g situ! huhu

nway have a good day yah! thanks

Mazudi said...

Kagum jugak ngan akak ni, dengan kesana kesini organized mender alah ni, masih jugak ke gym, futsal segala.

Selamat bekerja.
Dah dapat masuk dah sini.

dirtypap said...

kak red. semalam nampak kak red dalam tv!