Friday, November 10, 2006


the giant chess in Amsterdam, visited last May 2006

Kak Red n Chess

I was introduced by my brothers and frens bout chess at the age of 13. Turned 15, i started my hobby as a formal chess player. Later on, it s like a normal routine when u see kak red to play for school or other tournaments by Malaysian Chess Federation, generally we play for KL...some win some loose.

When i went to uni, akak jadi champions for all semesters even when I entered to the corporate world. Till now, i ve been playing for hundred thousands of games, either over internet or formal tournaments.

The sweetiest thing is - i gotta know a man who s a mastering in chess too! my first time ever match wt sirman was back on 1997, and that was when my sirman lost to his lady!!! but pastu he conqured the games lah.

I ve trained my 2 kids since they were in my tummy. Soon, we will be called - Chess Family!


this is how i checkmated my opponent, she s a london graduate, single, tinggi lampai, very the hair beauty (hair je ye) but quite a sombong girl. and me, a mother, a kertu lady no pinggang ramping, no tinggi lampai n a local graduate but got better chess brain than her!!!

balas dendam babe sebab dia berlagak sangat kannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

i managed to checkmate her in a few minutes, kalau pakai quick timer it s considered as less than 10minutes but pasal international timer, and coz dia dah tau king dia dah nak terkojol2 masih jugak nak took a pleasure sweet time to move the steps.

and among the 3 matches that i played this wk, this final game was the most easiest move ever. sebab apa akak cakap those chess players, let me give a short scripts.

1. im playing white, my little pawn dok sampai kat 3rd row of her line, right infront of her pawn (pawn tu depan king dia lam gambo tu - x clear sgt coz board pawn tu on black).

2. she knows that she s in danger so she pushed her little pawn infront of the castle 2 steps ahead.

3. this is the good part - my Queen! yes my dear..i sacrified my Queen and hantam sama dia punya little pawn - Check!

berani mati letak Queen? hah berani??

4. since it s a Check, the king x de port nak lari.......her black castle has to eat my Queen.

again...aku berani mati bg dia makan Queen aku!!!

5. and pap! akak terus hentam lagi wt my white Bishop to her King - CHECKMATE!!!

that s they way darling (hawau je akak ko ni kan, kan main berlagak lagi)....dah menang leh lah cakap besau dik, tp ko tgk 2 previous entries akak pasal chess - ada aku nak berlagak godang2? skang baru leh riak.

overall, im the winner for the Female Chess Player in my office. but as a team, department akak kalah no 2 coz Male Chess Player dept akak hancur lebur, tetiga games telur ayam. buek malu tol!!!

nxt game is Futsal..yey, sok futsal yeh...kena hit 3 rounds, siap la mlm nye nanti kaki kena berminyak gamat.

kak red apa??? kak red is the winner of Bloggers Idol..... eh silap WINNER OF CHESS.

ko ado???


Azer Mantessa said...

congratulations :-)

bicaraskrip said...

since i'm not family-astroria.. err, i mean familiar (liarrr kaaa?)dgn chess-game nih.. haku ado 3 Qs ceputembaga:

1. "ada beza kaa if u main as 'white' or 'black' dr segi psikology?"

2. "why misti bijik2 or buah2 chess tu? (soo bunyi vulgar kann?) and board dia misti kaler BnW? naper tak kalerful oren kaa? jingga kaa? polkadot kaa? belang2 zebra kaa? why? why? why?"

3. "mana dtg asal-usul prktaan 'catur' in malay?.. dr bahse ngri mana? adakah dr perktaan 'catu' krn zaman dolu kena catu air kaa hapaa kaaa?"


kr-sms said...

firstly, yeah, nice hair, secondly, yeah, a very nice hair indeed and finaly, congrats ;D (kang mlm2 aku try log dlm yahoo chess cari nkau kay...ku ingin CUBA!)

ArcHmaL HatiEmieY said...

yeh yeh menang lagik ...

gegeh tul akak aku...sebenonye gila glemer!!1

matilah mak!!!

sapadek bila wei!!!

borzack said...

i ada satu chess set ala2 kaca chantekk...tapi hanya dijadikan hiasan atas coffee table. Aku tak reti main chess!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kak Red. Big Mug teh tarik gelas besar coming soon ok. U free this Wednesday evening? Hari lain this week I keje mlm pulak. Nasib baik la tak cakap nak belanja kat 5 star hotel kan? Kalau tidak bangkrap gua. Hehe...

kEnNaVaRo said...

congratulation kak red.....

Anonymous said...

terror betul akak red ku ni...bukan main merah menyala...


Anonymous said...

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pepari said...

congrats k red...

sayda said...

congrats!! mummy rocks..:D

darklighter said...

sapadek bila wei!!! <<--aku copy dr komen ARCHMAL yer..dan aku ulang balik ni..-->>sapedek bila wei!!!

hiks..CONGRATS uols!..makin gila dan makin glamour la KAKRED pasni..

la la ala lala