Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bloggers Choice Awards - Hottest Mummy Blogger...

did u noticed the new promotion on my right side bar?

it s a promotion for voting me on the Bloggers Choice Awards for Hottest Mummy Blogger.

This blog has been nominated by Nadh, the little sister of my Bloggers Idol 2006 for the Hottest Mummy Blogger. She got 3rd placing during our BI time.

I dont get presents everyday, or at least once a month from you like Abang Tukang Taip (so jeles tau aku bang, mcm2 ko dpt!).... so why dont u spend yr 1 min to vote me.

The closing date is 19 October this year, very soon yet the top scorer now is holding 700 votes. Thousands of readers are reading this blog, so bley x tlg vote?

Btw, Sirman is doing the promotion in his blog, coz he thinks the wife deserves the award. Nadh, nominated me coz she thinks her big BI's sister ni pun deserves to win it.

I m not asking you to do the promotion in your blog, if u do, thanks a lot, but do remember, i m not sogok u to do that (yes, it hurts me if someone tot that aku sogok ko utk buat promotion bout the red diva, yet it s called friendship!!!).

But I do appreciate yr votes.If you love me, do vote for me ah ah. Tocey!!!

Happy Voting - direct to here!!!


Lily.Lulu. said...


senyum balik ok ..
i know how u feel

mwahsss :*

tukangtaip said...

Haiyor terasa bersalah sangat baca statement tu! Hahaha.

Good luck.. I've voted for u.

Red Mummy said...

ly - senyum la ni, x nampak aku cam kerang busuk ni?

abang TT - thanks for the vote, tp aku tetap jeles okkkkkkk!!

Ziana said...

of cos laa i vote u kak red :)

mad redo1 said...

aku vote pastu nkao deposit seploh hinggit dalam akaun aku, okeh? murah je tuh...

hehehe... I'm back, bebey!

Red Mummy said...

ziana tocey tocey..

bang mad, saploh inggit bg duit raya kat anak2 ko jer la nnt

mikaounik said...

masuk kan link yg muka akak masuk paper tue..nak laa tgk gak.. :x

ermm kalo xder blog xleh nak vote erkk..
camne erkk

vangardx said...

ok dah vote..semoga berjaya :D

Zana Sadri said...

kena sign up ke? huhu.. akan ku vote utkmu kak. :)