Friday, September 07, 2007

The final Friday...

she gave me the sogo's brouchures few days ago. she just want this toy. toy tu meant for baby, not for her, even she is our little baby, but toy tu still utk baby! pagi petang siang malam, x kira celik mata or nak pi tido, dia tetap nakkan this doll.

Mummy is bz to get this doll, jual kat Sogo, i dont hv time to go to that area.

2,3 ari lepas, I bought few pressies for my little diva and my little sirman. Abang's turn is nxt month but budak2 kang merajuk kalo adik dpt adiah, yet abang melopong nengok. The Isetan ppl sibuk do the wrapping for the pressies, again, i hv no time to wrap the adiah2 tu...let s them do their free jobs for me.

But today, Ms Bunga went to Sogo, i told her if she can get me the doll that gegirl idamkan sangat, would be very much appreciated.

Ms Bunga came back to office, wt the doll, no need to pay kak red, it s my bday present for yr little diva.

Gegirl - everyone loves you, u got yr doll already!

Traffic jam to NST's office yesterday. . Sirman is melepaking next to me, he is tired wt the long trip that he has to face everyday. The moment that he saw this Kia Rio - copek2 dia snap the photo and told me - roll it in yr blog!

Kata suami jangan diderhakai.

Excuse me again, I have a dinner that I need to attend, I have a party that I need to go, I m gonna have 1 full weekend.

Reminder to encik daddy: hv u got the pressies for yr little gf?


Lily.Lulu. said...

hari nih sogo sale just for members only ler kakak ku .. nak poei tapi x larat. mengantuk dan penat gile


ween said...

who? kia rio? one birthday gift for me?

Miss Nazla said...

pls give hugs and kisses for gegirl from me. hehe.

Red Mummy said...

kio rio tu kan lalat!