Friday, October 19, 2007

Birthday dinner for the boys...

while waiting for isetan girl to wrap the pressies, this was my lunch.

i m going to a birthday dinner for my 2 birthday boys. one is celebrating his bday today, the 19th. one is celebrating his bday this tuesday, the 23rd.

Masa ngandungkan Abang, i wish dia kuor same day wt the father, tapi nak gak dok lelama lam perut aku. Anw, 23rd Oct 2001 was his due date, so he keluar ngam2 on the dot!

aku combinekan sekali dua nya celebration coz we need to chase a very morning flight tomorrow.

Happy birthday 2 my 2 boys. The big one and the small one.


ays_as said...

Happy Birthday to abang!!!!
moga menjadi anak yg soleh.. :)

Lily.Lulu. said...

happy birthday to daddy and abang.

*big hugggggggggg*

Ziana said...

hepi bday to:
big boy and little boy

Miss Nazla said...

hepi besday to both of them