Wednesday, December 05, 2007


The mother and the daughter are not feeling good today. both of us. I got my gegirl back from Mom's house, funny thing was she lupa mana dia letak baby doll dia, malas aku nak tolong carik, i m fully tired kulu kilir.

So i took both of them to the nearest clinic, to meet my fav doctor. aku dah jadi patient dia since 7 years ago. Sejak Permaisuri baru nak memula idup.

Doctor wants to give ubat makan minum to her, x yah lah...membazir buang jer. bersilat la aku kalo nak bagi dia makan ubat air. so amik creams jer lagi easier.

Tapau our lunch from the shop next to the clinic, back home .. oh no, i promised her that we are going to check on her new school..

here we go...


Ziana said...

get well soom kakred n gegirl!

Red Mummy said...

dah ok kot..

penat2 pun kena buat sume..
sakit x sakit..