Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Girls luncheon...

They took me out for lunch. Penat dah makan lunch ni actually, but they insist. they booked my calendar since a week ago.
I love the girls, i love to be with them.

This is what i get from here, since i let my stomach empty, pulut kuning aku tu pun aku x makan. Frankly speaking, it doesnt look like Nyonya asam pedas, and it doesnt taste like Nyonya asam pedas too!

Memang x sedap and tak kenyang langsung.

But ada gak la menu dia yang sedap, depa nya dessert the choc brownie with ice cream, i can give 5 star.

Kafe delicious is located at the Marc Residence, new service apartment opposite KLCC.

No more farewell luncheon for me please, better bagi aku something dr bawak makan la...


NuRuL wHaTeVeR said...

salam... sj drop by.. salu je singgah page red mummy tp xpenah comment.. tp tibe2 nak drop by rini..pastu jd first comment for this entries lak hehe

so skali ni nak ucap SALAM AIDILADHA tuk Red Mummy skluarga (",)

Red Mummy said...

selamat ari raya to u too

kay said...

try the duck pasta at delicious, sedap. desserts pun heavenly. yg lain2 tu taktaula..