Friday, December 21, 2007


i was walking wt Ms Bunga the other day, and i saw this red handbag from Edmunser. Ms Bunga tau aku gila merah, so dia intai dari luar, riki on the price.

She told me that the price is quite reasonable, akak merah u can afford that. aku pun pi le jenguk, yes it is, the price lom 20% disc yet.

Ms Bunga suggested to get from the boys as my farewell gift. well, good idea.

So on my last day, i went down to double check on the hbag. Left 2 bags jer... both aku reject. satu zip dalam nya dah ala2 rosak. 2nd bag lak the brand name lam bag tu gak terbalik. bengong tol!

nama bukan main gah, kedai bukan main branded tapi the leftover very the petaling street.

So i told the boys that i m not gonna take this red Edmunser. I will look and think for something else.

Donno what, but it s not too rush for me to get new hbags coz i know sirman is bringing me more than 6 bijik branded hanbags from Houston.

But this month is a big sales, so i will look out for something soon, then the boys can just go down and dig for me.

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