Friday, December 28, 2007

1 year for Redmummy...


My FF show went online again in NTV7, for my new readers - i was the Fear Factor Malaysia finalist. Kalah during the final stage.

Our 6 years anniversary dating on 19 January went well only for half day. Kids called us back home.

I started back my sports training for badminton,futsal, bowling, netball, volleyball, squash and chess.


I joined the Corporate Ladies Futsal, x menang pun but at least merasa gak la lawan ngan pengkid2 yang handal itu

Shoes collection preview begins.

Casey Sandra and Peter are based on true story, 3 bloggers who read this blog.

I finally got my BI's prizes after months of waiting. Piala dia sampai skang lam kotak, it s not a good quality at all.


The bitch aka lalat starts to interfere in our marriage life. The meeting wt the bitch is arranged but she didnt turn up

I had very bad eyes infection, so bad.

Holiday in Awana Terengganu

Red collection from the office and home appears online

Blogger Kickstart on the roll


I got ears infection, jangan x caya ada kaki isi perut insect lam telinga aku

Drastic diet begins this month

Chess competition begins, I won for the 2nd time.


After 6 years wt long hair,i cut my hair gila pendek. Yes, I look young wt new haircut.

My nose was kicked badly by the opponent during the futsal tournament inter division, bengkak berdarah pengsan so on. This completes my T zone for 3 months in a row - mata idung telinga.

Sirman went to Beijing for his work commitment.


I flew to Beijing wt kids, since sirman is already there. long holiday for us.

got back from Beijing, i lost my hundreds of contacts from my mobile. someone screwed my phone. I kept the contact details since 8 years ago. all gone. huh!

Abah and Anya my sis went for Umrah.


My helper had to quit. She has to move to Klang.

After 2 weeks, i got a new helper, weekend helper.

BKS is closing down wt one winner, Intan Kamaruddin. n some of yang kalah mengamuk sakan buat entry 'hate redmummy'. pity u. The winner is young but her writing is damn power.

I sold my Limited Edition Silver Kelisa and got myself a Sparkle Grey.

117 - I turn 32, big birthday celebration.


Red Diva Futsal VS Burberry - Red Diva won. This is the biggest event that i ever organized after months of waiting.

Redmummy's blog won the Best Blog Layout in the Golden Blog Awards

I got a call from Berita Harian to appear in the Ikon's column for my craziness in RED colour.

My story, my whole family's story appear in Berita Harian on 18th

Melaka trip, short holiday.

Epi, my bro got a call for an interview wt Berita Harian, his news was out few days later.

I found my Fear factor youtube, some die hard fan of FF made the short record.

Bersama Mak Merah mula keluar menjadi pengantara masalah


My first nite of Sept starts wt hunting the bitch, who is still looking for a married man to be wt her, so jalang of you. I went down to the bitch's house, for the first time ever, i put that bitch's house photo in my blog. In the afternoon, i got a call from that bitch (so u read my blog... hem) .

Sirman gave me the power to do whatever that i wanna do wt the bitch, and her photos been spreading to most of my bloggers buddies 24hours later.

Gegirl's turns 3 yrs old on 9th followed by her birthday celebration

This blog turns 2 yrs old on the same day

The counterhits 100k visitors

WAU starts in the blog

My photo in Berita Harian appears again for another story

I was nominated by Nadh for the Hottest Mummy Blogger in the Bloggers Choice Awards. I didnt win.

Mak went to Umrah and i had to cook for buka puasa for 2 houses, mine and mom's hse since Nana is having her confignment. The hardest part but i managed.


Raya month for everyone

Short holiday in Cherating on 3rd raya

Nana my sister appears in Berita Harian - berpantang di pagi Syawal

Sirman turns 34 on 19th

Abang turns 6 on 23rd

Followed by their birhtday celebration

Sirman left to Houston, Texas for job commitment. i m all alone wt kids.

XXX starts to interfere my nite life.

Mom is back from her umrah trip

Necktie preview begins


Farewell party for the Red Diva

XXX is gone from my life, finally.

School break, abang is resting. Attended a Tuition.

More farewell party and presents came for the diva.

I collect 9 medals for the sports carnival that i participated this year. Good numbers for a mother.

Momo left the company and me, my Nov close wt tears, he is such a good boos. He gave me Red Camera Olympus as my farewell gift.


I addicted to watch DVD, being lonely wife, my nite life spent wt watching dvds, back to back.

It hurts me so much when anonymous aka lalat sent 'kafir laknatullah' comment to me. Which made the husband wrote in this blog.

hundreds of comments smses and emails been sent when Red Mummy was about to shut down the service.

This blog hits wt 200k visitors

i started off my long leave on Raya Haji till now, i got to sleep after subuh everyday and woke up at 12noon. Kids slept quite late and woke up the same time wt the mother.

I m still waiting for the husband to come back home.


For the past 1 year, i got a chance to meet lots of bloggers and new frens. In between, almost everyday, i received at least one anonymous/lalat's comment been sent to my blog. Up to now, more than 1500 readers come to visit this blog per day. Nothing special bout being red diva, this blog just tell u a story bout a wife, a daughter and a mother.

Memang seronok baca kisah idup orang, specially orang cam aku ni gamaknya. Tak kisahlah, janji jangan kaco idup aku anak beranak is more than enough. To all of you Happy New Year and thank you for being my readers.

Welcome 2008.


garfu said...

Kak Red,
Happy new year to u... keep on blogging k..

nikfarizah said...

Happy New Year! Keep it up to be the famous Red Diva for many more years to come....

Kenapa tak ikut cuti2 ke Houston???

mikaounik said...

mcm² yg di lalui..manis..masam..kelat..tawar..masin..
itulah resam kehidupan..

utk kak merah
all the best

Ayu said...

wow! dat was a nice, short & sweet recap of ur 2007. May 2008 brings u more blessings, joy & love..
keep on blogging RedMummy...

eVerYthInG SHASHAY @ ASH said...

salam non ... weiii best giler baca 2007 recap ko ekk ... lam skali baca je dh 365 days of ur peng alam man dh tahu dh.. so aku pun recap je la all komen2 sepanjang tahun ni yg slalu aku reservekan .. 1st.. no komen on D lalats/biatch/mangkuk jamban thingie .. dh x larat nk criter dh non .. tahnie 4 all the greats accomplishment 2007 - dpt piala from lea(ko carut piala nie ....ikikikii lawaks non),jugde dredd lam BK,mnang sukan especially chess, ha pe gi .. bercoti2 malaysia n luar malaysia .. n all ur familia nice stori.. hits counter 200K .. and semua laaaahh .. senang .. in short aku hrap 2008 blog ko ni akan tetap menjadi BWS aku disamping blog2 cam lea,fiebs n all yg lain b4 aku start keje ari2 .. tahnie again 4 d promotions .. it's ur time to shine la plak kt opish 2..asik2 ko kene buat keje utk org .. noe org plak kene buat keje tuk ko plak.. very adil kan??so alhamdulillah laa for the gratifications .. above all its been a great year 4 u in 2007, lets hope 2008 will be prosperous 4 redmummy n familia n of course ur loyal pembaca blog as well laa. Happy new year!!

shasha said...

happy new year kak red...may coming year will full of happiness and joy..keep on writing..i just love the way you telling a story..

Umi Mia said...

You're most welcomed kak red. Hopefully next year will be another interesting year for us. Happy New Year...

Mrs. Sheikh said...

morning kak red,

story about u, abang, gegirl
ur work, kegembiraan, kekuatan baca novel..:)

budleee said...

wow red mummu, talk about your year..

ok that part about the T zone injury was funny..

hurmm.. with each lalats you gain more visitors..

i wonder if that is a good trade...

Kurt Kuden said...

best!! ade BKS!! leh kenal kad red heheh..

lalat tu nk kena baygon tuuu hahah

Ziana said...

Happy New Year kakred!!

suka duka...

but mcm akak ckp kat saya...

i will remember that!
thanks kak!

Bayang² said...


saya mmg suke bc diary org.. especially mcm diary kak red yg 1 ari sampai 5 post....
saya nak hapdet 1 ari 1 post pun.... serabut pala....

kita manusia ni tercipta tak sempurna kak... jadi pada mereka yg tak berpuas ati sentiasa tu.... itulah ketidaksempurnaan mereka... akak tak perlu pk ttg diorg.... kita hanya perlu bersyukur kerana ketidaksempurnaan kita membuatkan kita berusaha utk jadi yg terbaik...

hapie new year kak red....

::ape ntah yg saya ngarutkan ni... keekkeke ::

Lily.Lulu. said...

happy new year mummy !!!

thanks a lot for everything selama kita kenal ngan akak ...

muahh !!

Beruang Madu said...

happy new year dik non, 75% good, 25% bad happened to u in 2007... takper the good will increase in 2008.. teruskan kerja mulia ko sebagai seorang mak, karier lady dan isteri yg baik... bukan memuji tapi u are inspiration to ramai orang...

Ceera said...

saya pelik tau, saya nie agak giler tengok tv. Tapi kenapa fear factor saya tak tengok eks. kalau tak boleh gaks saya flashback balik...

Anonymous said...

Kak Red, heres wishing you and your family, Happy New Year and hope its gonna be more colourful next year! God bless!

Red Mummy said...

i hv thanked u before

again, i wanna give hug to all of you through blog je lah ye..


Ms_MER said...

hepi new year to kak red n family..
keep on blogging...kurang entry pon taper janji ada..peace