Friday, December 14, 2007



i access my yahoo email only from my mobile and at home. so please please please dont expect me to reply to yr email, so soon.

and i dont stay online in my YM. i have to stay invisible, msgs melompat2 masuk, x larat teman. at the moment, i m only messaging wt my Sirman, that s the priority.

U must be wondering what is happening to my Comments column for all entries, macam ada yang x kena....the Engineer is looking into it.

I m spending my weekend to reply your emails and of course korek template to update yr link, never tot ramai gila will personally email me. Will try to visit yr blog, slowly.


Mrs. Sheikh said...

takpe kak red..yg penting blogmu tetap destinasi pertamaku bila online..

Ziana said...

haah kak..
ade kotak2 kat bawah nih,...

xpe kak...x chat YM pon xpe..
yg penting ur entry..

intan kamaruddin said...

fuh. i missed it. the chaos i mean..

whats wrong wit those ppl eh. nak jadi lebai pun, plz use 'cara berdakwah dengan berhikmah 101'.

and i thought only civilized ppl read blog.

be patient ye kak red. dun let them make you mad.. tho i know sabar ade batasnya.

mikaounik said...

saya tak kisah yg penting ada entry yg cedap & berkhasiat..

happy weekend kak

cHiQuE CoMeL said...

yea lah kak red ngapa ek ada box bagai kat comments bawah nun... cam bersepah plak jadiknya. tp blog kak red tetap vavava :)

Red Mummy said...

husna - yeah ah...tq tq

ziana - dah ok dah ziana

intan - u missed the whole situation! akak dah ok dah, palat tu mmg sim ya lam!

mika - semua entry biasa2 la, u oso can do it

chique - dah ok dah ok dahhh