Saturday, December 01, 2007

The routine...

i picked up a fren from VA's entrance. i look so pretty down. yeas, tonite, today is not a good day.

2 minggu sekali nya project, i went to isi minyak for the sparkle grey, and car wash at the usual place.

together wt my fav boy, he has a new hair style.... memalu lak ko.

happy weekend all!


muin said...

Moaning Kak Red,
Dok belek2 theStar hr ni,then -trnampak one article on Sony promotion Titled "Red-Hot Deal$"...siap ada pic show all the sony product in red color,terus pi bukak blog kak Red..erkk

"Heppi Weekend"

Ziana said...

hepi weekend kak!!

muin said...

Today n tomorrow will be held "The Red Carnival" in Sg Wang Plaza..
merah lg..."Power to Red"..hehe

Red Mummy said...

muin - rajin ko google, the best part ppl see red, ppl remember me! and the red carnival tu bukan ke ada apek cina yang perform nyanyi bagai? x nak la aku pi kalo setakat nyanyi jer

ziana - i ll see u soon

muin said...

dah jd hobby kak red...Tu laa.asal tgk merah--> Kak red,tgk Kak red--> carnival tu sempena Hari Aids Sedunia-lah.., nak pi dpt kan red-ballon-nanti ingat ktkak Red lg...angau Merah aku

Josh said...

Life goes on. I'm sure you'll be one that admired by many (dah ramai pun yang admire sekarang), as you'll admire momo. Congratulations for the promotion. Dah ada alasan untuk blanje kitorang makan, kan? kan?

Lily.Lulu. said...

happy weekend my sista ..
muah muah