Sunday, November 04, 2007

Our Sunday eve...

Since Nana skang dah jadi Mak, i dont hv any assistant to join the huha thingy wt the kids anymore. Epi is bz wt his personal life and Adik is also busy wt his life too.

So 3 of us went to this mall, coz i need to collect something.

Wish could bring them to Megakidz, Midvalley tapi aku x de mood nak memanjat lam tu. even they do hv the energy.

Earlier, Abang korek lam 4, 5 inggit coints from my car compartment, coz kita nak main mende2 ni lah.

Sirman, wish u were here... :(

seronok dema.

Was thinking to continue the fun to go to swim at my condo, but found out that my management is doing Raya Open House, wahhahhahaha, aku langsung la tak tau ada open house gitu. and sib baik ujan, so can skip the swimming.

Oh no, we didnt join the VA's raya open house. I dont feel comfortable sitting makan there while hudnreds of people will be asking bout - eh mana sirman? eh mana bapak budak2 ni.

Mak malas nak jawabbbbbbbbbbbbbb soalan tu lah.

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