Thursday, November 15, 2007

WAU - Week 4

Hi Kak Red,

I am a very big fan of yours - u know me quite well but I'm sorry,this time round I need your help so I got to remain anonymous.I'm looking for this guy ... I don't know if he exists or not.

Kalau nak cerita, memang panjang and very the complicated. So I'm gonna keepit short.Nama dia Jumaidhi, and people call him Adi most of the time. He's inhis late 20's. If I'm not mistaken, he's working in the architecturalfield. He travels alot, but from what I heard, he's residing in KL nowfor quite sometime.

We've known each other for a couple of years but tak pernah sekali ponI see him - (only he sees me lah, ngintai ke, jenguk ke, wallahualam.)All I have is this picture to depend on. Anyway, couple of months backwe lost contact and I've no freaking idea how to get him.A

s for now, I really wanted to know if anyone has seen or heard abouthim cos I'm having doubts - whether he really existed or not or was itsome asshole was just trying to fool me or something. Help me please??

Please Kak Red, I hope your readers can help me to identify him.Big favour I need.Thanks Kak Red. :)

Much thanks,Anonymous.


Lily.Lulu. said...

maklumat bagi cam x cukup jerr ...
mcm mana nak tolong yeh ..

Anonymous said...

u tak bagi compelete information at all.

Rasanya you kena bagi lagi, mesti ada lagi info yang you boleh provide for us to help you.

Ini macam cari secret admirer you ajer... :)