Monday, November 19, 2007

The kids checklist...


1. to bring abah to Abang's tuition centre (abah doesnt know the exact place so i hv to guide him)

2. Tried to solve for Abang's transport, but fail, so i need Abah's help.

3. To buy Abang's new uniform set probably on dec, they hv big sales kan.

4. To go to Abang's sekolah agama which was my sekolah agama before.

5. To go to Abang's Chinese school for ..... oh i donno, sirman help me here!

6. To decide on Gegirl's school, whether to send her to Abang's k/ten - next year or not.

7. To bring them to Megakidz

8. To do this to do that!!!

9. bla bla bla

So many things to do.


echah_syed said...

uishh bkn ko sorang fenin..akak nmpk pun fenin !!

~ kasi tau lily n ziana..bkn senang jd mak org oiii !! :P

Ziana said...

pjg nye list...

pelan2 and slowly kakred..
insyaAllah u can do it

Miss Nazla said...

wah panjang nye list. go go kak red.

saya dah start coti

^::redZ-Ziaf::^ said...

u go kak red

u go kak red

i jadi cheerboy je lah

kasi semangat dr jauh walau apatmen sebelah menyebelah

u can do it.....!!

Ceera said...

pergh, letih nak setelkan satu2 list nie, caiyok2 kakred... kakred buleh...