Sunday, November 04, 2007

The 2 gifts...

Ms Bunga excitedly show her radio. hallo radio itu very the cheap2 one. I got it when i was wt my zaman 'merenong'....

it s been in my drawer for so long, so i gave it to her.

apparently, last fri, i told her that amik je lah buat reta ko, i dont need it anymore.

Farewell gift gitu.

The Mikimoto pen was a birthday gift from my Momo and team, last year. Wpun aku x suka pen mahal, aku pakai pilot or even kilometriko ajer...but one day, pen ni ilang la pulak kat opis.


After 2,3 weeks baru jumpa balik dok menyelit kat celah2 kertas atas meja ku.

Nampak le sangat meja keje ku tu mmg bersepah ya hamat! I really need to pack up, but i m so lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to start it off.

One day will come...

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