Friday, June 22, 2007

Noushy the storyteller...

Who is Kak Red?(link)

To be honest I only know her because of this BKS, otherwise I wouldn't have known her at all.So within this 8 weeks or so is the only period where
Kak red's blog becomes my frequent blog hopping in other words is a must to visit.Not because she is the permanent judge (hakim) for BKS but due to her unique blog and so entertaining.

I don't know about others, but to me, i said her blog is really unique as I really hate Red Colour!! That's why it amazed me as not only red is her favorite, but her obsession with this sakit mata punya warna, no hard feelings, coz it's just my personal perception on red,though I do like red for my sexy lingerie and under garments, unlike Kak Red aiyooo semuanya, sana sini situ, ini itu merah , merah dan merah.

To me that's what make her unique in her very own way. Otherwise she wouldn't called her blog as redmummy's and herself Kak Red kan? Tahan ajelah bukak blog Kak Red tuh, at times nampak bintang2!! Sib baik the contents of the blog menyegarkan dan tak boring,otherwise, I don't think I would visit that blog again.Truly.

Well, Kak Red maybe not officially has 'knighthood from the King' but who cares, since her office mates and colleagues has given her a DIVA title!! Attached to a corporate world, KLCC is her workplace.Her lifestyle ,her attitude ,confidence and optimistic that make her a diva to her friends...A Redmummy Diva, ko ado? That's the quote that I found a teaser like that make me smile reading her entries..a trade mark like!

Kak Red's workstation-a must have,red cushion and shawl.

Born July 11th,this turning 32yrs old urban chick, oops,is a wife and a mother to two adorable kids,a boy-Abang, and his sister-Gegirl,was born and bred in KL,presently happily living at their very own house-a condominium Vista Amani which they bought 2 years back in Bandar Sri Permaisuri.She has 8 siblings, 5 brothers and 3 sisters and Kak Red is the 4th child-chronically 2 elder brothers,1 elder sister,3 younger brothers and a younger sister.

Her eldest brother whom she called as Along has just welcoming a new member in the family when her eldest nephew the first son of his brother who live at Bukit Beruntung just got married last month to be exact on 27th May 2007. a wife...

This petite sport woman has a fighting spirit especially in whatever competition that she joins. Her determination and optimistic always paid and rewarded with winning the task but when she did not make it, she will accept seadanya.Kalah sudah lali dan menang jugak sudah tegal...she would not complaint unnecessarily. A true sporting spirit of a winner.

.....the worst injury!

...Name all type of sports, that you could possibly think.Kak Red is there.Be it badminton, tennis, netball, squash and futsal. I wonder where did she get the power and stamina from? Hikss, must be from her Sirman!!...the guy that she met in 1997 and lost to her in chess competition, fallen in love and her hubby now.The above said games are the major sport events that Kak Red attends regularly and do the training as per schedule.

She also plays volleyball and bowling.In futsal, Kak red is the good striker as well as a good defender.Her futsal skills is acknowledged by her team...kiranya kalau dalam England squad ni macam Wayne Rooney arr any games, players are susceptible to any kind of injury, and her worst ever injury was in the last futsal TTFC to go for final round when she sustained badly nose injury-swollen and bled non stop that caused her fainted for few minutes.Even though was injured badly, Kak Red still giving her moral support to her team by being there-outside the court-as a spectator.Her will power is so strong..!! I bet not everyone will have that spirit.

Other activities such as trekking, hunting, running in adventurous treasure hunt are the special events that she loves participating.Her latest mini amazing race through Klang Valley in conjunction of Malaysian International Aerospace Adventure's day on last April,was duo with her partner,though she did not win but gave a good challenge to the opponents. a sport woman.

Talking about her sporty events, the most significant game that one would not forget in relating to this supermom whom also the final contestant of Malaysian fear factor,Bloggers idol 2006 winner and presently the Hakim of BKS, let's not forget that Kak Red is the champion of chess for many years since @Uni and at corporate world till now. She loves playing chess so much since 15years ago and now trained her 2 kids to play chess to be 'chess family'. Chess was introduced to her by her brothers and friends when she was 13.

OMG!! I wonder how to keep track on Kak Red's hectic events and schedule!! Tak fenin ke Sirman Kak Red? Let's recap her achievement for this year and her schedule.Chess, netball and futsal all done with Champion for chess,gold for netball and bronze 1 for futsal.Scanning at her calender, I could see that once she got back from Beijing,bowling tournament is waiting for her, followed by squash in July and volleyball in August.

Sukan, sukan jugak,but let's not forget that Kak Red is a career woman whom on week days,has to work from 8.30am till 5.30pm, and sometimes even till 8pm depends on her workload.

Reach home perhaps by 6.30pm depends on the weather,as a wife and a mom, she won't neglected her responsible towards her family.

Her unconditional love toward her family could be seen no matter how tired she is,her family is her priority.After resting for a while from work, she will cook and make sure dinner ready by 8pm and supervising her son in doing school homework.

She used to like nasi lemak before but now she's on diet, no rice at all in her menu.BTW those days when she took nasik lemak as her breakfast the weird thing is, no sambal, but instead to have at least 2-3 spoonfuls of the peanuts! She can't eat without it. But that was then....Her fava food is 'kampung food' and steak,no spicy food. I thought only the Omputih aje tak makan spicy food !! Emm how do you like your steak Kak Red?Coffee is a must for her to start her day.

She's not a Tv freak,but when 'desperate HW' on air you better watch out.She wont let go the remote!Blogging, surfing or play chess is only on her free time when her duty as a mom and wife settled.She's a good wife and mom, isn't she?

That's her normal routine life on weekdays while on week end if no outside activities such as hunting, games or etcs she'll stay at home pampering herself and having quality time with family-->tidor is one of her fava past time,shopping of coz--since she is a shoes, perfumes and skirts collector.She prefers skirts and shorts rather than wearing baju kurung or long pants--not because she doesn't like it but for comfort.

Ceria...that's Kak Red,Hakim tetap BKS Season 1

Kak Red is a bubbly and happy person and she loves to make people surrounding her happy.To her if she manages to make another person happy then it's 'tit for tat' that the happiness would comes back to you...Think twice before you hit her button coz not to forget Kak Red also has attended a kickboxing class before at Sri Hartamas martial arts center.SO....better watch out!!


Writer is one of my BKS contestants.
She s so unique. Thank you so much for the entry, but some of the info is incorrect, tho x major. That's Noushy .

Photos taken from my today's badminton and squash training. a 2 hours back to back training since i have been resting for 3,4 weeks already.

la ni, akak the very bloody tired ...moh ler kita...


Hannan said...

adeih... bestnye dik red.... ade org tlg tulis blog!!!... hehehe.. nanti nak kene cari assistant jugak la camni.. uhuhuh.. team burberry tgh cari player ni... tlg la rekemenkan awek2 cun utk team kite ni... awek2 gol n gincu ....( susah la nak bawak balik awek2 russian utk main bola.. nanti jadi kes altantuya... naya beb!)

oTam said...

Sampai macam tu sekali orang ingat kisah hidup rutin kak red. Hebat betul orang tu. Tapi kak red lagi hebat.

anoushka radzwil ross said...

aiyakkk...ada fakta salah rupanya, hikss...but the age tu sebenarnya sajelah bagi kak red muda lagi...!!! hiksss...

P/s psstttt....jgn potong markah yea Kak Red!!!

ak_0143 said...

kak red kak red...

dah lama giler baca blog akak, baru tau ni...

kak red 11 julai gak???


saya pun... 11 julai 1986...

ish, tak sangka la plak...

TJ said...

Ni apa yg diorang tulis pasal u ni kak Red, cam resume' utk pencalonan award ibu blogger mithali jer ... hehehe award ni exist tak?

maksutimah al-hazab muntadarah said...

nyeh... lepas uols sms mak pagi buta...mak terus gigih membalas tapak sireh..nahhh.....