Friday, March 02, 2007

Red is Merah...

Kak Red is a lady in red. I love everything in red.

Let me show u some of Red’s collections in the office first and next will be my kitchen yang lagi full of red items.

I love you
Hair clips, pocket coins.

The DKNY apple red perfumes which is placed on my table next to my pc, Red notebook comes together with the red pen and pencils. Red access card holder to enter the Twin Tower of KLCC.

Red photo frame, bought recently but still tak letak gambo awek cun dan balak hensem nor Jejaka macho coz I m ba ya zal ya. Red sharpener which I seldom use – purposely for display. Not forgotten my red signing tag.

A basket from the hamper gift that I received recently, together wt a red bouquet of red roses, yang dah dried.

I have 4 pcs of red shawls which i keep in my office, 2 is placed in my 'tido room' as my blanket, and these 2 are the usual one that i always wear to cover my body yang kesejukan di opis.

More to come, but I have to stop wasting my leisure time and head off for a lunch break wt my family and my good buddy aka Abang’s godmom.

On target - red handbags.


goddessisis said...

u punye excuse me kat blog i kecil
u tgk ni with caps lock yer




mad redo1 said...

merahnya mak ngah... (saja je buat line basi tuh pepagi ni...) Have a nice weekend you!!!

Pato & Pearl said...

ooohhhh..merah mata memandang...!!...Heart coin bag tu cute lah


Abdun N.A. said...

OPS, nasib baik takda gambo bra and undies in red :p