Sunday, October 15, 2006

The day that I become So RED.

On Friday before buka puasa, Epi my brother came and told me that there s a notice note for the Mesyuarat Tergempar between the residents of VA wt the mngt on Sat 14th at 2pm. syukur sangat2, at last....they heard our voice to hold the meeting. since my sirman is still painting the wall, so Epi and I went down to buy our juadah buka puasa.

unfor....the notice of the mesyuarat dah hilang!! someone i believed has taken it out from the Block A's lift (the one yang takde notice board). so i carik2, i found it in the dustbin kat lift tu dah keronyok. ni sapa punya keje ni? penyangak tu ke or somebody yang ada kepentingan yang x nak residents attend the meeting. i kutip and selit kat sebelah dustbin tu, hopefully other residents dapat baca.

balik dari beli juadah, again...dah jauh lak peginya notice tu, so maybe kali ni ditiup angin (i was trying not to hv a bad feeling bout the orang yg busuk hati etcs) probably pasal angin tiup..i selitkan lagi..

the 2 kiddos are happy wearing their new barney's pyjama yet their daddy is still painting!

the 2pm of Saturday...end at 510pm

gila kan? 3 jam lebih meeting...residents x semua yang datang....i saw 4 victims of the break in cases ada in the hall (so out of 9 victims of break in, i guess 5 turned up) and my sirman wt kids yang duduk at first at the back (coz takut kids berlari2) terpaksa pindah ke tengah but then pastu sempit and x dengau pulak...and we moved upfront depan muka2 management ppl ni.........

some of u know who we are already...the brutal and outspoken lady who becomes so red evil during the meeting time. yeap..i admit, i have simpan all my emotions for this event, i was shaking, my mind cant think well, and muka aku dah naik merah. i just cant think if during the break in, my kids were god!!! im the victim!!!!!! i ve been complaining itu ini but i havent get anything, ko ingat aku nak senyum2 nak cakap lembut2 lagi dah ke???

my sirman memang a bit soft than me, but kalau dia punya marah keluar, baiklah aku duduk diam2 that s why, i cant control my emotion already. kerugian aku yang melampau2 tu x dpt ditanggung oleh sesiapa but i still demand for management to pay my grill and door.

i guess x yahlah i revealkan apa2 lam blog ni apa yang dah been discussed about..but, kita harus menang kali ni. semua complaints kita dah didengar dek si Sharif the GM of Danau Lumayan (he is the stripe yellow shirt tu). he promised to bring up the case to his top level on tuesday (he kept saying this, x de ayat lain ke??).

but for security level purposes, the action has to be taken immediately. no matter what. i heard hundreds of complaints from other residents, but i just saw him jotting down all the complaints for the first an hour. the other 2 hours, dia dah mula dok goyang2 kaki, mbe he is nervous kena basuh hidup2 dek semua orang..could be.

but for this stand, i x pity to him at all. yang jadi victim is us .. the residents, those ppl are lying around and collecting our money every month without fail. so jadi, u hv to take this as a serious matter. dah tahap gaban punya marah lah!

akak sampai dah x tau nak express out kat mana....but hey, i m meeting the press shortly siang, let s hv another bambu membambu ok!

lega ... just wait lah for the new development from the management site. if u are VA res and u see masih belum lagi ada or masih lagi the guards buat keje sambil lewa..pls post yr complaint direct to the management again and again.

keep pressing them, that s what they want. whoever x de no David, Suresh and Sharif, drop yr request here, i m happy to display and pass it to you.

right..back to my personal life, after the meeting we rushed back siap2 to balik to my in law's house for berbuka puasa. we managed to reach there on time....mkn and borak2 so on.

balik VA around 11pm something...still, i didnt see any new progress yet from the guard.

malasssssssss je gayanya. aiyok plslah.

penatlah mind is just working so hard, hv to think lots of stuff.

btw, i wanna congratulate the residents specially the Persatuan to become a very good neighbours to us. the persatuan, i believe they dont need a rombakan kuasa, they just need to be more harder wt the management, they are performing very good - to me. mungkin ada sket2 cacat cela but it s all forgiven. i sincerely take this opportunity to thank all of the persatuan committees for berhabisan masa dan berlawan tenaga to fight for the residents voice.

Let s have our raya and deepavali in peace.

time off..

the perfect design by my sirman..but lom siap lagilah


Fish said...

congratulation Kak Red Mummy..

Boleh belanja makan. hik


Motif aku congratulation entry takde kena mengena ni. Faham faham sendiri lah kan.

ickyrolling said...

malatop umah akak
i loike!