Thursday, October 26, 2006

3rd Syawal

a very simple day today.

went to 2 houses only, my sirman bro's house and my mom in law's house. simple je. balik terus bongkang tido x ingat dunia...kl ujan x berenti dr noon up to nite.

and tonite, my 2 little kids treat their mummy and daddy wt their duit raya by belanja us domino's pizza!

my in law's side - mom, ipar biras segala...

back to work....tomorrow!


ArcHmaL HatiEmieY said...

abih dah???

catat sejartah entry paling pendek di alam maya di RM blog....*koma*

Affy Ronan said...

kak red..slamat ari raye..duit raye mane??hahahahyah