Sunday, February 11, 2007

The great get together!!!

i got a called from one of my Directors to hold a good dinner for my team. It s not my first time handling it, but to choose a place and to get a good bargain price for quite a numbers is a bit tough. it was my one called job till my good buddy Shaline become my dinner team. apparently, i m not burden her for a 'field' job, so she will do the easiest part and i will handle the hardest part.

after 1 wk, i decided to choose A restaurant but 4 days before the party begins, this hotel called me to give me a very good rate for the buffet dinner and a very near by to us in KLCC, just a walking distance to get there. Not much time, i ve to do and think and so on, since the power of chosing the place is in my hand, i agree wt B hotel.

the place is cool, the food was great, everybody's happy. but i m just disappointed for 5 ppl that agreed to turn up never showed up. 1 is acceptable but another 4 will have to give good reasonable explanation then.

dinner was started at 7pm, but at around 615 akak dah sampai hotel to see the seating arrangements that done by the hotel ppl. everythings look ok, the Manager of F & B came down to please me - emm...pandai orang hotel ni amik hati host kan?

what did i do for 45minutes before the dinner start? i was actually change my skirt in the car (i was using my office skirt and since i need a rush, in a car is the best place one). apa nak s all kerja sorang2 punya pasal kan. once done, i lari to toilet to touch up my face yang dah cam pompuan keje bawah mentari je. keje2 jugak but maintain vogue is a must to me.

memandangkan kita tidak mahu ada level of seatings during this dinner, so i hve to make sure each table have their own at least a Director and other pangkats, dari atas terus ke yang ke bawahan.

even i want to make sure, the Driver will have a great treatment from the host and it s time for every levels to chit chat in one table.

1 1/2 hour after everyone dah kenyang for the heavy meals, my partner was then took over the mini games that we have planned. sepatutnya we played for 2 games, but kerana kesuntukan masa, most of mak2 orang nak balik cepatlah dan sebagainya, we just had 1 game which itu pun ngamik masa yg agak lama gak.

Guess who is that staff - that s the name of our game. kaedahnya takde sorang pun antara korang yang bagi idea for that game. it s totally from akak nye idea. i picked 10 staff in random, asked them to email me the 5 things bout them that we dont know and the Directors also the SVP will have to guess siapakah staff2 yang dimaksudkan itu.

out of 10 guesses, x sampai separuh yang berjaya!

i made it seriously tough for those high levels. hik...

dinner was then finished b4 10, some of us were then headed up to Chinoz for some drinks and i safely home before midnite.

everyone are happy, everyone are thanking me but behind the scene, dema x tau camne susah payahnya nak organizekan menda ni, even tired sana sini, wt my 3 inch of high heels..jalan or can i say lari2 anak during the event - weekend was a damn laziness day for me.

hey, i can be the host planner for your event. need my hand for hosting your party? numbers akak ada kat belah kiri blog ni, so carik lah akak ye...harga boleh dirunding.


Pato & Pearl said...

WELL DONE!!!...clap clap clap..untuk si chilli padi yang serba boleh with 3 inch high heels.


Rickywan said...

Tahniah untuk akak ku...akak rick nk am pau.....heheheheeee

Hannan said...

tahniah... waaaaaaaa.. best nye sushi tu... kak red, nanti blanja han makan unagi sampai muntah bole x?
hehhehe. bukan takut la.. tapi stakat main ngan laki.. x yah la susah2 ajak kak red lawan.. kalau main ngan pompuan baru semangat skit... hahahhahahah

Equilibrium said...

congrats tahap dewa utk kak red..caya nak sushi best jek..x nak organisze party sambut kitorang balik msia belasah team akak nie??? akak tlg organize wedding sye nanti buleh???tp x tau bila..muahahahah

fozalin said...

take kak red as wedding planner can ha? hihihih ..... btw sushi tu mmg sodap

ZeMMs said...

Boleh jadi wedding planner la kalo camni :P

goddessisis said...

nak angpau nak angpau