Saturday, April 07, 2007

My Unlucky Day...

kadang2, kita menghadapi hari yang amat malang. hari itu kita katakan, the bad day of the week. Friday will always be my fav day, not only that i m having a very long lunch break, i can also have my 2 sports games either futsal or netball in the afternoon and of cos the badminton di petang hari.

but today, is a bad day for me.

it started off wt something that unexpected which i have to do in d office, i cant mention it here. pahtuh lak, keje unexpected tu made me run here and there, luckily i was wearing 1 1/2 inch of high heels. that s fine, a bit comfirtable rather than wearing 3 inches heels yang i always wear.

so happend was, ada an external party ni in my office borak2 sakan ngan akak and was tegor something on 'something'. malu besor tahap cipan! aaaaa@!!!! malu malu. rasa nak terkam je sirman masa tu...x yah la kowang nak kepoh apa bendanya yg buat akak malu, but memang malu!!!

and when i went back to my place, i realised something..shoot!!! shoot!!! another tahap malu now be doubled la 4 yrs old skirt terkoyak!!! eventhough ada lining, but being me yang maintain vogue, i sat at my area, cuba sebanyak mungkin not to walk around. coz yang koyak tu x leh dijahit. pasal kainnya dah cam rentas. brengset!!!

eventhough it covers wt lining, but still....

so my netball training, had to call it off. spoilt my long lunch, i just spent it at my place and blogging from other blogs to other blogs (how i wish yahoo chess is accessable from my pc, but damn they block it!). and the badminton, is off as well. tension! no training at all this week.

when i decided to leave the office at sharp 530pm, i was called by my beloved boss to do something urgently, another brengset laa...byk nye dugaan arini. so i left office only after 630pm. my friday nite is zero with nothing. but i got to spend more time wt the kiddos but still i miss my badminton so much.

anw, i will need to concentrate on my squash first starting of next week. wed will be my squash training, fri afternoon will be spending for netball, fri eve will be for badminton and at nite for my chess. and im trying to work out my timing for futsal as well. gilas!!!!

not only that, i have to fully concentrate on the Blogger Kickstart, being the main judge, ujang rely on me 100%, ko punya event ke akak punya event ni jang??

and, when do i get a chance to watch Jangan Pandang Belakang? i heard the movie is good, anyone of you dah tengok and review on that? if i want to watch it, i have to wait for this man's roaster, which mmg tengah musim2 x sesuai langsung. english movies are not a problem for me, today kuor, by next week i can get the original dvd, eh tak pirate but copied from the original one, so tang tu dah settled!

now at 230am, i m blogging yet i need to sleep, and my ears bleeding dah stop even lom 100% but after few hours, still boleh rasa the darah yang membeku together wt the taik telinga. it may sound dirty and yucks..but i m not in d mood to meet my dr raha yet after having 2 wasted hours in the specialist centre of KLCC.

can someone pls help me here?


from peedee with love.... said...

await nya....kak red mintak tolong apa no....?

sayda said...

ever1 has bad hair day.. :p
it's normal..
just take sometime to recover k..

relax n ddctae lagu ni for akak
bad day by daniel powter..


Anonymous said...

ayorkkk...pagi jemaat kena tego something somewhere tu...erk

ade love bite ke?


babyarisha said...

kak red..
stamina ko kalah anak dara weyh..
klu baby ler.. pas lunch sure pamcit!! f-ter work nk men badminton plak..mau t'golek dog tepi court.. ahaks!!