Saturday, September 16, 2006

the happiness and the sadness

it was a great gathering aka kenduri by my auntie at her house in Putrajaya, one of the government apartment. to Mak anjang, the blue kurung, it s good to see you, it was my first time went to her house though.

it was also the sisters meeting, my mom wt her other 4 sisters, oh no! i m just so lazy to remember how many sisters/brothers that she has. though my mom is not from the same father wt the other sisters/brothers, but it doesnt matter.

orang dulu, step sister x de beza and x de maknanya, they were equal. but la ni, at this decade, it s hard to see the closest of the step siblings, rnt' u think so?

btw...yang gambo makcik2 tu are the sisters of my mom. the red tudung is my 1st sister, the purple tudung is my best fren aka my best kezen! meet epi again, every1 (mal ejat! he is a straight man lah). mat nor, my cousin, mak anjang's first son.

(the blue baju melayu) Mohd Nor Ismail aka matnor, is my cousin who grew up together wt me during our childhood time. he s like one of my brothers jugak. if u could recognize him, mat nor is one of the best player in the FAM, he is currently playing with Perak.

Let's congratulate mat nor, soon will be a engaged with a lady from perlis, and will he be contracting with Perlis then? will find out later in a year....

my special note also to my lovely cousin, Affida aka along (the purple/pink tudung). a mother of 2 boys, she is so closed to me, we email gossip sms everyday, from our family thingy up to artists. usually, any artists been caught up for khalwat, dadah or whenever there s a big big munchy sales in kl, eventhough i m in sleeping mode etcs, she will be the first person to text me.

we share stories, from a to z...

along, a belated birthday wish to u, 15th Sept....i forgot lah, the calendar tak pop up for reminder pulak!

she s working hard soon, to have a baby girl, hope the doa dimakbulkan Allah....


2 days in a raw, is a very bad memory for Epi.

he was driving our dad's 2nd car, an old car actually. our dad sayang sangat this car, dah tua but the memory is there ..... so kereta tua uzurnya toksah cakap lah. the car's gear/break was not functioning very well...epi got into accident. the front bumper langgar divider, pokok tumbang...while reversing....the back bumper langgar pulak tiang TNB...sib baik x tumbang.

so imagine apa dah jadi ngan that car, depan belakang kena cium....

luckily he is ok, no injured at all....

2nd incident, tonite, i was about to have a very late dinner. baru nak suap ke mulut, my hp rang. Bang!!! berdegup jantung akak.....when epi called me and said 'i got into accident, i m in an ambulance right now, heading to GH, KL...sis u gotta to help me'

apa rasa ko?

akak jamah 2 suap, siap2 wt sir man. in my family, apa2, the sis and bro will always let me know first, this mbe because, my action, my thinking, my movement are very i ask the kids to get ready, sir man get ready too....i called mom and dad to get ready as well., we hv to go to GH now.

i made a mistake by telling my dad first, was supposed to tell mak dulu. abah's health is not so well....sib baik abah ok hearing the call from my mistake mouth. so we sent kids to their hse, and parents hop in our car, straight to GH - reach there around 1045pm.

these 3 photos are in their emergency room while waiting for Epi's been called by the doctor.

GH...never change. the services, my god! patient ni naik ambulance pun still kena take turn ok! kena amik nombor babe!

so epi told me everything, what had happend. he was riding in front of gleneagles hospital, when a kancil from the other side, turned right without noticing my bro whos riding through from the other way road.

and bang! he tercampak terguling bagai segala....ppl helped, the chinese kancil who langgar dia pun takat tengok jer...x berani nak tlg, takut kena hempuk gamaknya.

he just came to give him his contact number etcs...few min later, ambulance came. sounds simple kan?

nope! eventhough that chinese kancil promised to bear all the s all bullshit coz takut kena bantai dek the ppl around there. epi asked for my help to talk wt that guy.

being a good PR, being a good sister and being a good listener as always....i slow talk wt him, kok leong ke hapa namanya....

hawau cokia ni, dahlah x geti speaking which is fine by me, cakap melayu pun tergagap2...think he s in the nervous mood, i can hear his kegelabahan segala....

so he told me from his side of the story, and of cos he put the blamed to my brother. yet while talking to everyone the witnesses, he admitted that was his fault. apparently, mmg pun salah dia ok!!! akak yg x de kat tpt kejadian pun tau itu salah dia.

i told epi, if it s yr fault, no way for me to talk to him but since it s that cokia's fault, i of cos, standed up for my brother. so after epi met the doctor did the x ray segala, i dengo balik from epi's version and from another witness version. epi and that abang yuzi's version has a same story - that cokia guy punya salah! though we dont know this yuzi guy. so ok, i heard from 2 mouths already.

again, i called the cokia guy....and bloody hell! he was behaving and talking like ^$^()(*&%# . geram akak sampai x leh nak explain betapa geramnya!! i told him, i m making a police report if he doesnt want to bear the cost (he was earlier promised to bear the cost masa kat tpt kejadian yeah...that s y i said, tu propah je...takut kena hempuk). so bila dia ckp gitu, dia leh ckp 'weii, kalau u report, apa u dapat hah? bukan u dapat duit' bastard asswhole! u dont know who u are talking and dealing with... akak, still with PR's tone 'i x kan dapat apa2, but remember, once i report..your name is there already and been blacklisted'

dengan suara gelabah ala penakut ala menggertak...and shouted at me 'hah u report lah, u report!' and pap! dia hang up. sakit x ati ko?

that s it. abih je kat GH, we sent parents balik dulu, kesian my parents, almost tengah malam dah kan....and we were then headed to Police trafik jalan bandar. oh yeah..meantime, my 3 brothers dah went to the tpt kejadian to pick up epi's bike. angkut masuk dalam lorry, one of my in law has this lorry's solve that case already, kalo idak kang ada lak mat gian yang sauk motor adik aku ni.

kat police traffic ni, we made a necessary report...epi and sir man be the talker and akak as usual be the typist masa buat report tu. and u know how cerpen karangan berkajang2 akak buat in my BI's assignment, cam tu lah gak report akak. like i m the victim pulak. dont care......elaboration must go to the end!

pastu met the en nazar, the pegawai penyiasat for epi's report....that police even told us that he knew the cokia guy memang salah.

so u cokia guy, i know u dont read my blog but siap kau!

we balik at 145am.

epi...ok, but left perut dia in pain...mau taknya terguling tercampak bagai.

all are ok.

yang x ok that cokia kok leong guy..012 2011 910! spam kan je number ni!!!


ArcHmaL HatiEmieY said...

ALAA....SIANNYER EPI AI...*i knew he's str8 man. leh dibengkokkan...matilahmak*

cokia??motif... cakap je err.. err... krabat diorg mmg camtyu kak... bodoh sebab makan babi bebal cam babi jugak laa...

sian nyer epi ai...oopss... epi nanti ai bawak u gi makan kay ef see yerkss*tetiba*....

la la la la la la la la...

darklighter said...

Keji MAL..HAI EPI..:P~ hahaha...leyy

husz said...

ok .. i sahut u punyer laungan..

1 sms dihantar ke Cokia! 012 2011 910

Eh you salah! Langgor orang x mahu bertanggungjawab! Nasib baik itu budak x mati! Sudah janji mau tukar cerita! Salah sendiri mau salahkan org! I hope you masuk jel!

wan said...

Hmmmm.....Red is always in control......just imagine if it happens to u, the viewers....what should u do??? Red's action to help her brother can be considered as daring and rational....Good job Red......

Red Mummy said...

mal n y..kamu 2 ni kan...kakor laa

x sudah2...epi epi...

so husz..has he replied back? apa pun, dia x bayar pun, evey he and his bro called akak byk kali ckp nak bayo nak bayo, haghammmm

wan...ko ni kot ye pun udah2lah puji melambung. getik kawan2 aku baca ko nye pujian2 tu...let s sit straight and concentrate on my bloggings ok darling. ngeri aku ngan ko ni. btw, thanks wan.