Sunday, August 27, 2006

Life is too short to be little...

titipan email dari seseorang yang jauh nun di sana tetapi sentiasa tetap di ingatan....

dear red

awat depa dengki lagu tu? but there are more important things in life than getting upset with a character like that. leave it the way it is red. you already won by not letting the hamba Allah affect you.

thank God everyday that you have another day to live life at its fullest. i know someone who is undergoing chemotheraphy and radiation - falling hair and weakness with treatment and a teenage son who tried to take his own life because he was upset with what's going on with his mom and at school (though he is an A student). can you imagine being a single mom with cancer cells on your body and 3 kids who still depend on you? count your blessing and take one day at a time, that's what she told me on how she handles her sickness right now.

and i am saying the same thing to you "count your blessing, bersyukur that we are healthy and have adorable kids that are gifts from God the Almighty..."

God bless you

salam benua from me ... Ms Zal


she s my great Lecturer when i was in uni time, though it s been 13 years already, we still in contact and she s now has migrated to US. Ms Zal is one of my RM's follower. ada betul katanya, bersyukur that i am healthy and have adorable kids.....and yang mendengki khianat, anda rasailah nanti apa yang Allah tetapkan buat kamu sendiri. bukan akak untuk menilai kebiadaban kamu tetapi nasihat ini, ambillah guna pakai. biarkan si biadab ngan dunia ciptaannya, akak sendiri bersyukur dengan anugerah yang telah Allah berikan, kebahagiaan dan kenikmatan hidup bersama suami yang amat sporting dan anak-anak yang cerdik bijak. Alhamdulillah.

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