Friday, January 06, 2006

When I appear on National TV and link to

Fear Factor Malaysia Episode 9, Friday 6 Jan 2006, 8.30pm
Hosted by Shamser Sidhu, Fear Factor Malaysia features 6 contestants but only one will deserve to win the RM10,000 prize in each episode.

Stunt 1 : Inverted Fire Hang

The contestants will be strapped into Fear Factor straight jackets. When host says go, the contestants will start unlocking the small boxes on their respective straight jackets ? chest, waist and knee. Each box has a key to the next box. When a player has unlocked all their boxes , he/she will be released free fall almost touching the ground.

Stunt 2 : Fear Factor PIE (wei webmaster of ntv7,....we ate the goat's testicles lah mangkuk)

Each contestant have to use their mouths and tongues to dig into pies and also to transfer the meal worms covered in the pies to a glass container. The contestants have to fill up the container at the fastest time.

Stunt 3 : Water Coffin

The contestants will lie in a plexi-glass coffin which has holes drilled in the bottom and on the sides. As the coffin is lowered into the pool, water will slowly fill up until the contestants are completely submerged. The contestant must then locate a key to unlock them from the coffin. The contestant with the fastest time will win.

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